5 Essential Snow and Ice Management Services to Include in Your Contract

Winter can present various problems for a commercial or residential property in Westchester County, NY, such as the accumulation of snow in inconvenient places and the spread of treacherous ice throughout walkways and driveways. It is, therefore, important to invest in snow management services that meet all the needs of your landscape and can ensure your safety, and the safety of your friends, family, or clients, throughout winter. Here are a few services you should see about including in your contract:


5 Essential Snow and Ice Management Services to Include in Your Contract

If you can prevent that slippery, hazardous layer of ice or snow from forming on your driveway in the first place, then you won’t have to engage in damage control once you’ve slipped and fallen. Fortunately, the professionals have a trick or two up their sleeve. A chemical with brine (more commonly known as salt water) can be sprayed on walkways, driveways, and parking lots to prevent snow and ice from sticking to them.

While similar to laying salt down, brine gets to work sooner because it is already in a solution. Salt alone requires the snow to start melting before its effects kick in. As the first inch or two of snow that builds up tends to be the most slippery, preventing this primary layer from sticking to your hardscape elements can have significant effects on your safety outdoors. This preventative measure is usually executed before a snow or ice storm, and a company with enough experience will be able to predict forthcoming storms to keep the hardscapes you walk on and drive on prepared for the worst.

Ice Removal

Ice is particularly hazardous because it is invisible and unbelievably slippery. To prevent nasty accidents, on foot and in vehicles, you will want to invest in the best ice management for your residential or commercial property. Salt is typically used to melt ice and can be applied as rock salt or as a less corrosive mixture that is more environmentally friendly.

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Snow plowing is the foundation of snow management but can be customized to suit your particular needs and preferences. You could look into reaching an agreement regarding the amount of snow that may be left to accumulate before the company moves in to clear it. You can request additional attention and intensive care should you desire a snow-free property all winter long.


It’s wise to ask what kind of machinery will be used to rid your property of snow. A skid loader, for example, accomplishes detailed snow clearance that a snow plow cannot reach. It can navigate tight areas between rather permanent structures like cars and dumpsters. Skid loaders scoop up any excess snow that the initial plow may have missed and transport it elsewhere. They are available in various models, some of which are more efficient and expensive than others. The type of skid loader used may depend on how much traffic your landscape receives and whether a less efficient skid loader would result in major inconvenience.

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Manual Labor

Unfortunately, snow piles up in the smallest of nooks and crannies where it cannot be scooped up by a machine and carried away. Porches and stairs become covered in snow and are too delicate and inaccessible for a snow plow or skid loader to reach. These areas require old-fashioned manual labor and the use of a shovel. Decide if your snow management company should be responsible for these areas or if solely want them to take care of your driveway during storms. Snowblowers and power brooms may also be used by the crew to clear crucial parts of your landscape.