3 Things to Know About Organic Lawn Care in Hopewell Junction, NY

Organic lawn care is a great route for those who want to be conscious of the environment while maintaining a beautifully green lawn. But not everyone is familiar with what it means to go organic. Here are three things to know about organic lawn care for your Hopewell Junction, NY, landscape.

It’s Green

One of the more important reasons to choose organic lawn care is that it lessens the toll on the environment. Conventional pesticides and fertilizers can seep into the groundwater supply and cause issues for people, plants, and animals. They can also be harmful to children and pets as they play on fertilizer-treated areas.

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Using organic products is considered to be more harmonious with nature and prevents harsh chemicals from ending up where they do not belong. Organic lawn care also includes techniques like “mowing high” that involve slight changes with big impacts. Mowing high is believed to reduce weeds. Another method is to allow lawn clippings to stick around as a natural way to keep those weeds from growing. Every home makes an impact on the environment, and if every homeowner chose organic lawn care for their property, we would have cleaner water and a safer environment.

It’s Effective

3 Things to Know About Organic Lawn Care in Hopewell Junction, NY

Organic lawn care strives to get the best results for your lawn without using harsh chemicals or treatments. That means using tried and true methods for getting to the root of your lawn’s issues, and fixing the cause of the problem. If new growth is failing to appear in your lawn, a landscaper who uses organic methods may try aerating your lawn or dethatching, rather than simply applying chemicals. Sometimes a layer of dead grass and other organic matter can mat up and block oxygen and water from reaching the soil. This can cause yellow spots, lack of growth, fungus, and increased insect activity. Use of inorganic products can actually compound these issues, leading to the use of more and more chemicals. An organic approach works with nature’s systems to correct issues that lead to unsightly lawn problems.

It’s Convenient

Nothing is more inconvenient than not being able to utilize your lawn for children and pets because you’ve just gotten it treated with harmful chemicals that can make your loved ones ill. Harsh pesticides can linger in the air and leave residues on the ground, making your property inhospitable for those who would enjoy rolling around in the grass. Organic lawn care means you can be worry-free and enjoy a lush lawn—after all, that’s what it’s meant for!

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Our landscaping professionals can visit your home at a frequency of your choosing to maintain a beautiful, green lawn for you. Then there’s no guesswork, no need to store harsh chemicals around your home, and no need to worry about doing the upkeep yourself.

If you want your lawn to be green (in more ways than one), then we can help! We use a diverse number of methods that keep your lawn safe, green, and gorgeous. Contact one of our specialists today, and we can get you on the right track to a lush, green lawn you’ll love and can feel good about.