5 Tips for Winter Lawn Care and Fertilization in Wappingers Falls, NY

As the cold weather descends, it’s natural to start giving less thought to the needs of your Wappingers Falls, NY, lawn. Mowing and pulling weeds were activities for last season. There are, however, some beneficial things you could put in place now so that you’ll be able to fully enjoy a lush, healthy lawn in the spring. Protect your lawn during the winter with these five tips for winter lawn care and fertilization.

Aerate Your Lawn

Having your grass aerated can literally breathe new life into the landscape when the weather warms back up. Aeration is the process of breaking up the compacted earth so that the roots can receive much needed oxygen, water, and food. As the plugs of dirt and grass are lifted, this leaves behind a hole that allows the things your grass needs to reach the roots. Over the cold winter, that extra oxygen and nutrients will feed the roots so that in the spring you get gorgeous, luxurious grass!

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Fertilize Your Lawn

Having your lawn fertilized in late fall allows the fertilizer to sit on your lawn all winter, feeding the roots of your grass slowly. Cool season lawns in Wappingers Falls, NY, need nitrogen for dense, green top growth, phosphorus for root growth, and potassium for general health. A lawn care professional will know exactly which nutrients your grass needs to thrive. When spring returns, so will the healthy grass.

Control Weeds

The best remedy to weeds is healthy grass. However, weeds can still sneak in and spread sometimes. Weeds thrive in the cooler weather, so see if it makes sense to have a grass care expert apply an herbicide that would kill them quickly. Many weed killers can prevent those pesky growers from returning, too.

Clean Up Your Lawn

5 Tips for Winter Lawn Care and Fertilization in Wappingers Falls, NY

Now is the perfect time to clear your yard of fallen branches, leaves, and any other debris that could harm the turf. Be certain to remove anything on the yard that’s currently smothering the grass now and could be forgotten once the snow hits. It’s best to do more than gather leaf piles and instead have the leaves mulched into small pieces that can decompose or you could have the piles completely taken away. Adding a layer of mulch to trees and shrubs can provide extra protection from the elements for those plants. Most lawn care specialists can accomplish all of the extra clean-up quickly, to ensure that nothing will cause damage to your lawn during the cold months.

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Once you have had all of the necessary preparations done to ensure a vigorous spring lawn, you can relax and enjoy the holidays and the snow. Your biggest and only outdoor chore could involve hanging up holiday lights.

Leave the worry and labor to the lawn care experts. Using too much or the wrong herbicide, for example, can cause damage that you did not anticipate. Aerating requires close attention to removing just enough dirt and grass to allow the food and water to penetrate. Removing too much dirt can actually damage the lawn. Lawn care experts have the right equipment and supplies to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Their extensive knowledge of grass, trees, shrubs, and other plants can eliminate any uncertainty of care for your yard.