Choosing Driveway Pavers for Your Modern Home in Hopewell Junction, NY

You may not give your driveway much of a second thought beyond its functionality. But think about what others see when they ride by or drive onto your Hopewell Junction, NY, property. Are they impressed or doubtful that the rest of your home is nice? By choosing the right driveway pavers for your home, you can make your driveway into a stunning feature of your home that will never fail to impress and will raise its curb appeal. Here are some durable driveway pavers to choose for your modern home.


Look in any magazine and you are likely to see bluestone pavers on the driveway of multiple homes, both modern and traditional. Their natural blue color complements a modern exterior of any architectural style or paint color. Bluestone can be cut into huge rectangular or square shapes to bring a geometric design to a driveway, and the mortar color, depending on the tone, can cause the stones to blend or stand out. Since modern architecture incorporates both squares and rectangles, bluestone can be a beautiful choice to blend with this design.

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Bluestone can also be laid in a seemingly random, puzzle-piece style. These driveway pavers have irregular shapes and can be arranged in various patterns to accent your modern exterior. Bluestone does not only come in a blue hue, but can be mottled with brown, rust, lavender, and moss green colors. These paving stones are harvested higher in the earth and are split to reveal more tones.


Flagstone can bring a distinctive appearance to your driveway. This handsome stone goes well with the bold colors of modern paint choices. It can be placed in a random style without a specific pattern to make a one-of-a-kind entry for your home. The grout color choice influences the overall outcome and appearance, but flagstone is a classic, hardy stone that withstands the cold weather well. You may even be able to incorporate very large pieces, as well as very wide stones.

Choosing Driveway Pavers for Your Modern Home in Hopewell Junction, NY

In addition to being used as driveway pavers, flagstone is a natural choice for steps and landings and patios. Its slate color can enrich the lines of contemporary home styles.

Manufactured Paving Stones

Manufactured paving stones have come a long way in recent years. Reflecting almost any stone pattern with a wide array of color choices, manufactured paving stones offer many benefits to add beauty to your modern home. Manufactured stones can look like rustic, old-world cobblestones all the way to sleek, rectangular stones. Built to repel stains and dirt, manufactured paving stones will not fade or crack from severe weather. Permeable pavers allow water to seep back into the ground, helping to manage erosion and water run-off issues.

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Used as a border to contrast with other paving stones, manufactured stones can bring a finish to a driveway that truly makes your home noteworthy. Borders, special patterns, and designs are all excellent ways to use manufactured stones in combination with bluestone or flagstone.

With so many options for driveway pavers, the decision can be tough to make. An expert landscape contractor can assist you with going over your options and deciding which type of paver can be a good fit for your modern home while also helping its resell value.

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