5 Unique Landscaping Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard in Hopewell Junction, NY

When you want the kids to play outdoors but they complain there is nothing to do, it might be time for a change to your Hopewell Junction, NY, landscape. Consider incorporating these unique landscaping ideas for your backyard.

Recessed Sandbox

5 Unique Landscaping Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard in Hopewell Junction, NY

What happens when you take a sandbox and recess it into the ground? It is no longer just a sandbox! Recessing the sandbox makes it feel like a special place just for your little ones. Adding wooden or concrete steps to surround the play area allows for easy in and out access, while also providing a spot to sit and watch. In addition, the sand is less likely to end up all over your yard since it is contained, which is a bonus for you. 

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Tree House

Tree houses don’t always have to be high in trees. Instead, a tree house can surround the base of a tree on a wood platform. And, tree houses can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. You can have a full house with windows and a door, or your tree house can have a simple roof and no doors. If your children are older, building the tree house higher off the ground gives them a secret place to call their own. And, when their friends come to play, you might not see them for the whole day! 


If your kids love to play with cars and trucks, think about installing a racetrack with landscape pavers around the yard for them to zoom the cars back and forth. Add lines and a dotted road divider to make it seem like a real road for them to travel over. You could even have buildings and landscaping effects to make it authentic. 

Climbing Wall

Older kids will love a climbing wall, complete with a bell to ring at the top to signal success. It is important to provide a safe landing spot such as rubber mulch to protect them if they fall. Climbing walls are a healthy way for your children to build strength and stamina while having fun. 

Outdoor Movie Area

The whole family will enjoy watching outdoor movies in an outdoor movie area. A retractable screen can be hidden on the side of the house to be pulled down for movie night. Add some comfortable furniture, pillows, and blankets, and all you need is the snacks to make it a fun night. This will be a hit with the neighborhood friends and a great addition to a sleepover. 

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Don’t Do-it-Yourself

When you want to add fun to your Hopewell Junction, NY, backyard, look no further than your local landscape experts who care for your lawn needs. For over 25 years, their landscape designers have been bringing a client’s vision to life. With designs that are customized for your unique property and lifestyle, they can install any type of kid-friendly feature for your yard, whether it’s a play grassy area or a fun space around the pool. 

The next time your children say there is nothing to do outdoors, consider adding a unique landscape feature to keep them entertained every time the sun shines.