Prevent Tick and Flea Infestation With Our Lawn Maintenance Plan in Hopewell Junction, NY

Fleas and ticks are harmful insects that can quickly multiply and infest homes and landscapes. We often associate them with our beloved furry family members, but their threat can extend to humans as well. They are easily transferred from pets to humans, and from your outside living space to your interior living spaces. To prevent the spread of these unwanted pests and to keep your pets and family safe, there needs to be a focus on how to keep them from entering your property. A lawn maintenance plan for your Hopewell Junction, NY, home can be the best way to accomplish this feat.

Take Control

Prevent Tick and Flea Infestation With Our Lawn Maintenance Plan in Hopewell Junction, NY

A routine and customized lawn maintenance plan will ensure that you and your loved ones stay protected. Having a company that will work with you to come up with a plan that works with your schedule, lifestyle, and landscape will give you the control you deserve. Once flea and tick infestation sets in, the process to rid your living environment of them becomes much more complex. Not to mention, the threat that flea and tick infestation can bring is alarming. They can live and breed inside your home by finding their way under and inside furniture, carpets, and bedding.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Fleas and ticks carry a variety of harmful diseases that can be transmitted to pets and humans. For example, ticks that could be carrying Lyme disease have been found in more than half of the counties in the United States, according to a 2016 study. You should have the peace of mind knowing that your pet, as well as you and your family are safe from such harmful ailments when you go outside in your own backyard. Your lawn is an extension of your home and should be a place for you and your loved ones to gather and enjoy your special time together. With a routine lawn maintenance plan, you can achieve just that. Ridding your lawn of fleas and ticks is just the start—preventing them from returning is winning the battle.

What to Expect

The maintenance process can vary depending on your lawn’s needs and your family’s lifestyle, but a professional service will evaluate your lawn’s condition to determine the exact approach. This often means surveying the lawn for areas that could be harboring fleas and ticks, and utilizing products that will target them at all stages of their development. Making sure that your lawn is rid of the biting and breeding adult bugs is one strategy, but it doesn’t have to stop there. For practically every adult flea and tick that is spotted, there is an egg waiting to hatch, and for every hatching egg, there is another breeding pest. The cycle can be relentless and may occur at a rapid rate. This is why it is equally as important to target the eggs, and to target all cycles at the same time. A routine maintenance plan will be able to prevent this cycle from repeating itself and leading to an infestation. Routine maintenance will also be able to keep up with the seasonal changes and weather conditions that increase the presence of these pesky creatures.

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Feel Confident About Your Lawn

Flea and tick preventative maintenance by an experienced, certified, and insured company means that you are getting quality and environmentally safe products. It means that you are entrusting your investment and your loved ones with a professional and knowledgeable team.