Why Your Poughkeepsie, NY, Lawn Needs an Early Fall Fertilizer Service

When you invest in your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn through the spring and summer to ensure it stays lush and healthy, don’t neglect the attention it needs in the fall, too. An early fall lawn fertilizer service can produce many benefits for your entire landscape.

What Does Fertilizer Do?

Why Your Poughkeepsie, NY, Lawn Needs an Early Fall Fertilizer Service

Like humans or really any living thing, your lawn needs food—the right kind of food. Fertilizer provides that food in a form that is ideal for your grass. Fertilizer has three components that are necessary for plant and grass health. Nitrogen brings about new growth; potassium is critical to plant function such as photosynthesis, which makes the food for the plant; and phosphorus promotes root development and boosts blooms on flowering plants. Each of these nutrients should be available in the soil, but rarely is our soil ever perfect. This is where fertilizer fills the gap and provides exactly what your grass needs to thrive. 

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On the flip side, too much fertilizer can actually burn the roots of your grass—especially if you have tender new growth sprouting up. This is why the proper balance of nutrients and application is needed to give your grass a healthy boost. 

Why Should You Fertilize in the Fall?

After the heat of summer, your landscape breathes a sigh of relief and begins thriving again. The hot summer temperatures can strain even the healthiest yard, but the cooler fall air allows your lawn to refresh. Fertilizer in the fall also helps this process and brings benefits for the spring green-up, as well.

Fall fertilizing supports healthy root establishment and growth by supplying the nutrition your lawn needs once summer is done. Not only does the fertilizer feed the existing roots, but it also allows the grass to store some food for the spring when the grass starts to grow once more. 

Fall fertilizer also gives the roots and blades of the grass a chance to build up reserves before the cold winter weather. It uses these reserves to stay alive during the harsher weather that is to come.

Finally, fertilizer applied in the fall can benefit from the dew and deep watering that allows the product to disintegrate slowly, maximizing the use of the nutrients for your lawn. 

Lawn Fertilization Service Benefits

Your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn service professionals are experts at evaluating the soil conditions and applying just the right ratio of fertilizer to allow your fall lawn to thrive and prepare for the winter. 

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They are masters at efficient fertilization. After testing your soil, they will bring the ideal fertilizer to your landscape and spread just the amount your lawn needs to use for fall growth and winter food. 

This fall winterization is an easy step to skip but one that you should certainly include to keep your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn in the best health possible. With a customizable program, your local lawn care service can take over the lawn care tasks that you don’t have time for—leaving you with more time to do what you do love.