6 Ideas for Lighting Up Your Poughkeepsie,NY, Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space

It goes without saying that good lighting is essential for cooking meat thoroughly and ensuring the convenient preparation of food. However, outdoor lighting has many other important functions, from ensuring safe navigation, to creating the illusion of space. In fact, the amazing ambience that can be created by proper lighting is good enough a reason to invest in a professional outdoor lighting plan. Here are a few ways to enhance your al fresco dining by illuminating your outdoor kitchen and dining area in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

Functional lighting

This type of lighting is aimed at maximising the efficiency of your outdoor kitchen after sunset. Lights sound be installed over your grill, countertops and near any other important appliances. The dining table should also be well lit so that people can see their food. This targeted approach to outdoor lighting will ensure fuss-free chopping, grilling and serving. It is also a good idea to have various circuits for your task lighting so that the light above the grill, for example, can be switched off independently of the others when it’s not needed. If your outdoor kitchen is positioned beneath a pergola, consider having lights mounted on its beams and positioned so that they illuminate all the most important appliances.

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Under-countertop lighting 

LED strip lights installed beneath the edges of countertops are a popular choice due to their understated, yet sophisticated, appearance. However, these strategically-placed lights have far greater potential than just their aesthetic appeal. By illuminating the dark corners that overhead lights simply don’t reach, you can make your outdoor kitchen appear more spacious. This is an excellent option for homeowners with small kitchens or limited outdoor space. 

Tread lights

It is just as important to illuminate the floor beneath your feet as it is to illuminate the appliances you use. A well-lit patio floor will minimize the risk of slips, trips and falls. Consider installing tread lights into your staircases to ensure that guests can navigate slopes safely. These lights can also make any staircase look more elegant. Having downturned lights installed beneath the coping of low walls will also keep the perimeters of your outdoor rooms well-lit and can draw attention to the stunning stone that you have selected to veneer your seat walls. 

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Moonlighting entails fitting downturned lights in high places, such as in the branches of trees or the beams of a pergola. It’s important that these lights aren’t too bright or intense, as an uncomfortable glare is definitely not the desired effect. Opt for bulbs of low intensity that can mimic the moonlight and set an unforgettable mood.

Festive lighting

6 Ideas for Lighting Up Your Poughkeepsie,NY, Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space

A string of fairy lights may not serve any functional purpose, but it will serve as an excellent way to create a festive mood. Consider wrapping these characterful lights around your pergola, or drape them over the branches of any nearby trees. Ensure that you opt for high-quality LED bulbs with protected cords that will be able to withstand the elements. Should you desire a more intimate atmosphere, you can turn off most of your landscape lighting and allow your fairy lights to provide dim, soft lighting. 

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can be fitted onto pergolas to give outdoor rooms a luxurious touch. However, they are also wonderfully functional, as the lights they contain are often fitted with dimmers and can be adjusted to alter the mood. The constant convection created by an overhead fan will also help to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. 

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