Minimize Trips Between the Home and Patio with a First-Class Outdoor Kitchen in Fishkill

Any family or frequent entertainer needs a stunning, spacious patio, complete with an outdoor kitchen and comfortable seating. Your Fishkill, NY, outdoor kitchen will simply make pool parties and barbeques more enjoyable by improving your immediate access to food and drinks. Spending far less time running between the home and grill will also enable you to take more part in the fun! Use these tips to create an outdoor kitchen that is both practical and sophisticated.

Safety first

No kitchen is worth endangering your friends and family. Fortunately, there are various ways to ensure that you minimize the hazards associated with your outdoor kitchen. For example, you can ensure that you keep the grill far from any high traffic areas, or where children like to play. You can also avoid the use of materials like porcelain and marble, which become slippery when wet. Opt for non-slip concrete pavers instead and ensure that the kitchen, and its surroundings, are well-lit at all times.

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You should also determine the wind patterns in your landscape before selecting a location for your outdoor kitchen, as you want to avoid having too much smoke blow into the house. If you’re considering constructing your kitchen on an existing deck, have the deck inspected to ensure that it will be able to support the weight of your appliances.

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Be practical

Minimize Trips Between the Home and Patio with a First-Class Outdoor Kitchen in Fishkill, NY

When it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen, there are a few essential features that simply must be included. In addition to running water and electricity, your outdoor kitchen should be fitted with grills, sinks, refrigerators, and warming trays. Smaller necessities are easy to overlook at first, but are often needed. Try to include plenty of storage and counter space, which should be constructed using durable, waterproof materials that are resistant to temperature changes. You could shelter your outdoor kitchen beneath a roof or charming pergola in order to protect your expensive appliances from weather damage and prevent poor weather from sending you indoors. Remember to ensure that you leave plenty of space for appliances, like grills, and any overhead structures to optimize ventilation and prevent fires.

Make it your own

Let’s face it, creating an outdoor kitchen will not only make your life easier,  it will also make your backyard more impressive and your neighbors more envious! Don’t be afraid to place your outdoor kitchen at the center of your entertainment area, and make it the focal point of your landscape. This way, people can enjoy watching the food be prepared. Feel free to construct a bar top along the perimeter of your kitchen, where guests can enjoy a drink and chat to the cook without getting in the way. A beer tap and mini fridge can also go a long way in making your kitchen inviting, but these features should be placed along the far edges of countertops so that guests don’t interfere with the cooking.

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Creating contrasts between your countertops, flooring, and other structural elements can result in a personalized design that attracts plenty of attention. Chairs adorned with colorful accent cushions, decorative vases, candles, and a television set or fire feature can add character and a lively energy to your outdoor kitchen.

Image courtesy of Unilock.