Qualities to Look for When Scouting Lawn Fertilizer Companies in Fishkill, NY

If you want a beautiful green lawn in Fishkill, NY, it takes more than mowing. A healthy lawn requires proper nutrition, and that means fertilization. Feeding your lawn so it looks its best is often trickier than it seems. It is important, therefore, to hire a lawn fertilization company that knows fertilizer and can do the job right. Here are the qualities you should look for.

Proper Licensure and Experience

Qualities to Look for When Scouting Lawn Fertilizer Companies in Fishkill, NY

A professional lawn fertilization company should readily provide proof of licensing for both the company and its technicians. License numbers should be displayed on vehicles and all legal documents. This will ensure that they are adhering to all state and federal laws. A lawn fertilization company should also be transparent about their level of education. Ideally, someone on the team should have agronomy or turf education. Have they undergone any kind of training or certification? How long have they been in the business? Make sure to inquire who will be doing the work: is it a technician? Is any of the work subcontracted? Make sure that you are able to communicate effectively with whomever is actually working on your lawn. 

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A lawn care company should inform you of what products they are using, where they obtain these products, and when they will be applying the products. Lawn care professionals buy their products from wholesale suppliers, not from retail stores. Wholesale companies are required by law to ensure proper licensure when selling their products. This is not the case with consumer products. Thus, knowing that your lawn fertilizer company buys wholesale is evidence that they are licensed. Additionally, a copy of the fertilizer labels should be provided to you and they should be able to explain why they are choosing this particular fertilizer. If you have environmental concerns, or are set on organic fertilizer, make sure that they have the expertise to successfully implement organic or environmentally conscious procedures.  

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Product Application

A lawn fertilization company should inform you of their adherence to state and federal law when it comes to pesticide application. They should be conscious of the threat of runoff and have a system in place to avoid it. You should know how and when products will be applied, and whether there are any necessary precautions you must take when using your yard. Fertilization and pesticides should, in most cases, be applied simultaneously and you should be charged accordingly. Make sure you know exactly when and why the lawn fertilizer company is applying a specific product to you yard. 

Procedure and Communication

Communication is paramount when it comes to choosing a professional lawn fertilizing company. A reputable company like Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. will communicate their methods and reasons for doing what they are doing. It is important to know if they will be testing the soil before fertilization. Nutrient levels and the pH of soil can vary, and it is, therefore, essential to test the soil for optimal lawn performance. Inquire how often will they be coming and make sure to get a written quote with an itemized list of services they will be implementing. 
Choose Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. for all of your fertilization requirements and rest assured that the health of your landscape is in good hands.