6 Tips for Selecting a Snow Management Company for Your Hudson Valley, NY, Property

When the snow comes, and stays for a while, you need a foolproof plan for clearing it from your Hudson Valley, NY, property. Attempting to do this all by yourself can result in a wrenched back or even falls and serious injuries like broken bones. Such risks do not even take into account how much time is necessary to remove the snow correctly so that it does not damage the underlying shrubs, plants, and grass of your landscape. Read on for some tips on selecting the right snow management company for your property.

Consider Your Property’s Needs

As a property manager, you have more than enough responsibilities to fill your time without having to worry about snow management. You need to have your business open regardless of the weather, and this means keeping the parking lots and entryways free of snow and ice. The problems and costs that come from with a customer or employee falling while entering your business would be devastating. Add potential accidents with automobiles navigating a parking lot that hasn’t been properly cleared, and you have a recipe for expensive problems.

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Protect Your Property—and Reputation

Many neighborhoods and complexes require the snow to be removed from walkways, driveways, and any other access points within a certain period of time, or you risk being fined. And you certainly want to keep on good terms with your neighbors, as well, by clearing any adjoining areas. Additionally, you want to be able to access all entryways to your home and property.

Know the Proper Equipment

6 Tips for Selecting a Snow Management Company for Your Hudson Valley, NY, Property

A professional snow removal service has the plows, blowers, and deicing expertise to rid your property of unwanted precipitation and accumulation in a minimum amount of time. Their trucks and equipment are properly maintained and prepared for any size job. This means that you do not have to worry about safety, efficiency, or timeliness of transferring snow away from the critical spots of your properties.

Preserve Underlying Surfaces

In the process of snow removal, the last thing you need is to have your parking lot or sidewalk damaged, and you having to worry about springtime repairs. Snow removal companies that also maintain, design, and build landscapes value the hardscape and softscape elements that lie beneath the snow, and will take care to preserve it, from your walkways to your driveways.

Access Deicing Agents

Removing the unseen layers of ice is crucial to successful snow management. This layer can be difficult to see, but can result in multiple layers of ice hardening to create a very hazardous mix. Applying the proper amount of deicing agents at the right time can keep that ice from forming and bonding to the surfaces, while accelerating the melting process.

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Sign Up for Professional Service

A snow management company needs to put their customers’ needs first by providing prompt, courteous service round the clock. A company that has decades of experience delivering on promises when the bad weather comes is what you need for your properties. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. provides commercial snow removal and ice management that’s highly reliable and thorough. Give us a call to see if we can add your property to the schedule.