Concrete Pavers for Adding a Modern Twist to your Hopewell Junction Driveway

Concrete pavers can be used in the construction of anything from patios and walkways to driveways and pool decks. Their versatility largely stems from their durability, as they are often vastly stronger and less likely to incur damage than poured concrete or asphalt. With a life expectancy of half a century, concrete pavers are also highly crack-resistant and perfectly suited to freeze-thaw cycles. Their unbeatable strength makes concrete pavers an obvious choice for high-traffic areas like driveways.

In addition to being one of the most durable hardscaping materials on the market, concrete pavers also have diverse design potential. They can be manufactured to look rustic, like cobblestones, or sleek and sophisticated. They can even be made to emulate natural stone, achieving the timeless beauty of authentic stone, but with enhanced durability and at a fraction of the price.

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Here's how concrete pavers can enable you to create a reliable driveway in Hopewell Junction, NY, with a striking, modern aesthetic.

Large format pavers

Large, geometric pavers are often best for contemporary driveways. They minimize the number of jointing lines that clutter the surface, achieving the clean, spacious atmosphere that so often accompanies modern design. Opting for jointing material of a similar shade to your pavers will further minimize the appearance of jointing lines and allow for an expansive surface that does not interrupt the eye.

Many contemporary designs use bold jointing lines to make an impact; however, how these lines are used depends entirely upon your vision for your driveway. Modern hardscape design breaks down many of the rules and boundaries imposed upon traditional designs, resulting in more variety and personalized features.

Monochrome schemes

Concrete Pavers for Adding a Modern Twist to your Hopewell Junction, NY, Driveway

Greys and other neutral shades are immensely popular in modern design, whether it comes to the indoors or outdoor hardscape. These shades are not only versatile, they also prevent overwhelming combinations of color. Designers will often incorporate pops of vibrant color into the setting, which will really stand out against all the surrounding neutrals. This can also be achieved outdoors, through the addition of vibrant plants on either side of the driveway.

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To ensure that your large driveway doesn’t appear boring, you can opt for pavers with subtle color gradients or patterns on their surfaces. Patterns that are slightly risen can incorporate a different texture into the design and make it more intriguing. Concrete pavers often have non-slip finishes that ensure that the driveway surface is safe when wet.

Non-tumbled pavers

When tumbled pavers are manufactured, they are placed into a machine that turns continuously, ‘tumbling’ them. This results in pavers with rugged textures and slightly irregular edges. They often have an antique look and can leave a soft, relaxed visual impression.

Non-tumbled pavers, on the other hand, have sleek, attractive surfaces and crisp edges that are perfect for contemporary hardscapes. Their chiseled edges also provide traction to car wheels, ensuring an even more non-slip surface.

Non-tumbled pavers can be acquired in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to stray from large format pavers while retaining the modern look you are looking for in your hardscape. Sleek concrete pavers in a small, linear format can be used to create an interlocking paver pattern, for example. Interlocking patterns provide further stability and add interest to large driveways.

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