Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for a Stress-Free 2018

Creating a low-maintenance landscape requires a fair deal of planning. For this reason, hiring a professional landscape contractor can help determine ways in which to simplify the upkeep of your landscape. Here are a few points to consider when trying to create an effortless outdoor area in Lagrangeville, NY.

Creating outdoor rooms

More paved and furnished outdoor spaces result in more opportunities to entertain your friends and family. They also decrease your workload when it comes to maintaining your landscape. Sophisticated outdoor rooms will not only extend the comfort of your home, but will also leave you with fewer grassy areas to water and mow.

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Consider creating a luxurious natural stone or concrete paver patio, fitted with a kitchen, dining area and fire pit for impressive evening ambience. Maintaining a stone or concrete paver patio requires little more than occasional sweeping and rinsing, while any chips and scratches in natural stone blend into the surrounding stone over time. Your contractor will ensure a solid base for your stone surfaces to avoid the need for repairs later on. The proper foundation will also prevent the growth of weeds and will keep your patio level. This will save you from having to remove weeds and replace stones.

Creating low-maintenance flower beds

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for a Stress-Free 2018 in Lagrangeville NY

By scattering mulch beds throughout your softscape, rather than planting grass, you can lower the maintenance requirements of your natural landscape. The mulch will break down, fertilize your plants, and prevent weeds by directing water straight to your plants. A mulch bed’s best quality, however, is that it does not require mowing or watering, and only needs replacing every spring. Mulch also has a rich, welcoming aroma that can add sensory experience to your backyard.

Stone is a popular alternative to mulch, especially in modern desert-themed softscapes. These softscapes are not only trendy, but they also achieve the principles of xeriscaping, which deal with saving water through specific landscaping techniques. Stone is also a low-maintenance option for flower beds as it never needs to be replaced.

Have your contractor select native plants to ensure that minimal time is spent tending to them. These plants have adapted to your climate and soil, and have learned to survive without human intervention. Some plants, like perennials, are also simple to maintain. Lavender, for example, requires a single planting but will return year after year to add its aroma and vibrant color to your landscape. Lavender is also quite self-sufficient and if you don’t receive regular rainfall, one watering session a week is enough to allow it to thrive.

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Utilizing potted plants

Opting for potted flowers rather than flower beds can decrease the maintenance requirements of your backyard even further. In addition, these pots are versatile and can be used to customize your landscape design. If you’re hosting a get-together on your patio, potted plants can easily be moved there for added color and texture. They can also be nestled in any part of your landscape that you think draws too little attention.