Best Fertilization Schedule for Your Lawn in Poughkeepsie

As spring approaches, the time has come to start thinking about your Poughkeepsie lawn care. A good lawn maintenance package will ensure that you have that lush, green lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Fertilization is an important part of a complete lawn care system. Read on to learn why your lawn needs fertilizer more than just once a season.

Why Lawn Fertilization is Important

Best Fertilization Schedule for Your Lawn in Poughkeepsie NY

Many factors contribute to creating a thick, healthy lawn. Proper fertilization ensures that your lawn has all the nutrients it needs for optimal growing conditions. As the seasons change, your lawn’s needs will change as well. That’s why Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. believes that the best fertilization schedule includes multiple applications over the course of the growing season.

We’ve designed customized fertilization packages that maintain a consistent fertilization schedule and include specific fertilizers for each season. This ensures that your lawn receives the best possible care all year long. Lehigh uses organic, granular fertilizers, along with a mechanical application process to guarantee even distribution.

Fertilization promotes faster growth and helps create greener grass. It will also give you a thicker lawn with no bare patches. When grass is thick and healthy, weeds have a harder time taking hold and finding food necessary for growth.

Good quality soil that is rich in nutrients is just as important as sun and water for growing a lush, green lawn. Over time, soil can lose valuable nutrients that support healthy grass.  Fertilization adds essential nutrients back into the soil to improve growing conditions. Soil rich with nutrients also allows for better water absorption and helps prevent pooling water which can damage your lawn.

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Spring Fertilization

When the spring growing season begins, your lawn needs an extra boost. It’s important to let root systems get a good foundation before you begin spring maintenance. Once grass blades begin to grow, it’s time to apply the first round of fertilizer. This will ensure that the leaves don’t start growing before the roots are strong enough to support a healthy lawn.

Spring is also a good time to stop weeds before they start to spread. Our spring fertilizer application includes crabgrass and broadleaf weed treatments to battle these common grass killers.

Early Summer Fertilization

Fertilization at the beginning of summer is important to prepare your lawn for the rigors ahead. We spend more time outdoors enjoying our lawns in the summer. As a result, turf becomes worn and bare patches can appear in your lawn. A hot summer with little rain can cause dry, brown grass. Our July fertilization provides the necessary nutrients to feed your lawn over the course of the summer.

Late Summer Fertilization

The summer months put a lot of wear and tear on your lawn. Heavy traffic, lack of rain and the scorching summer sun all cause damage that is best repaired before winter arrives. A late summer fertilization will help rejuvenate your lawn. A September application nourishes your grass during the fall months.

Late Fall Fertilization

November is the time to prepare your lawn for winter. A late fall fertilization is one of the most beneficial treatments for your lawn’s health. This application will help feed your lawn over the course of the winter when little other food is available. Our winterizer fertilizer provides protection for your grass throughout the winter.