Achieve a Healthy Landscape with Our Premium Fertilization Program in Pleasant Valley NY

Fertilization is an aspect of landscaping that is often highly oversimplified by professionals and amateurs alike. The fact is that your landscape’s upkeep and nutritional requirements change every season. To keep your Pleasant Valley, NY, landscape healthy and luxuriant all year round, you need a specialized, year-round regimen like our Premium Fertilization Program, which will cater to all of your landscape’s fertilization needs.

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Weed control

Weeds are pests that are prevalent in all landscapes, pilfering precious nutrients from plants and grasses. Pre-emergent herbicides eliminate weeds before they have a chance to emerge from the soil, taking care of this nuisance early on. This ensures that your plants have all the nutrients they need during the essential growing seasons, with no competition. However, with pre-emergent herbicides, the right timing can radically affect the efficacy of the weed control program. Moreover, careless use of pre-emergents can impact your ornamental grasses, which makes having an expert to conduct weed control a valuable asset. Different seasons also bring different weeds along with them, making proper weed control a year round practice to keep your landscape healthy.

Grub control

Next to weeds, grubs are the other main pest that can wreak havoc on your landscape. These tiny larvae thrive beneath the soil and feed on your plants, with a particular affinity for the fibrous roots of turf grasses. This reduces the plant’s efficacy in assimilating water, causing them to wilt. Grubs also attract birds and moles which feed on them and disturb the soil.

The primary defense against grubs is to keep your plants well fertilized with high potassium and nitrogen-based fertilizers. These ensure the healthy growth of roots so that your lawn and plants can better resist the damage induced by grubs, providing a natural solution to the problem. However, depending on the extent of the infestation, your grub control strategy might need to be fortified with pesticides.

Seasonal fertilization

Achieve a Healthy Landscape with Our Premium Fertilization Program in Pleasant Valley NY

Given the variation in nutrient requirements over a year, a landscape has very specific needs at specific times. Summer is the prime growing season. With your plants thirsty for nutrients and water, summer calls for thorough fertilization and a proper irrigation schedule. Having an expert to cater to this requirement ensures that any visible nutrient deficiencies are identified in good time and the type of fertilizer adapted accordingly. Summer also happens to be the prime growth period for weeds and grubs, making it important to keep an eye on pests in your landscape. Our program includes a mechanical application of organic fertilizer during this critical period, radically reducing time and inconvenience while ensuring an even spread. Our organic fertilizer also keeps your soil free from contaminants and offers your plants plenty of time to assimilate the nutrients.

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Soon after summer, at the onset of fall, your landscape has to be prepared for the upcoming winter. Proper fertilization is essential during this period as your plants need to build up their nutrient store to help them survive the harsh winter cold. Different plant species also have different nutrient requirements which is why having an expert catering to their needs is ideal. Other landscape requirements, such as aeration, seeding, watering, and general cleanup before the winter, can be identified and catered to as well.

With such thorough and personalized care, your landscape will be a joy to behold year round.