What is Included in Professional Lawn Care Service in Fishkill NY

If you’re dreaming of a lush, green lawn for your Fishkill, NY yard, professional lawn care is the answer. From fertilization to mowing, Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc., professional lawn care experts, will help your lawn look its absolute best. Find out what is involved in our professional lawn care services and what we can do for your lawn.

Initial Consultation

To fully understand your lawn care requirements, a Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping consultant will sit down with you to discuss your preferences and review any problem areas in your landscape. After viewing your property and discussing your needs, we will create a maintenance program designed specifically for your lawn. Our custom plan will promote optimal lawn health throughout the growing season.

Seasonal Clean-up

What is Included in Professional Lawn Care Service in Fishkill NY

A good spring clean-up will give your lawn a head start at the beginning of the season. To avoid damaging new plant growth, we perform spring cleaning as early in the season as possible. We remove leaves and fallen branches, add mulch, trim plants, and prune and shape shrubs.

Fall clean-up and leaf removal promote a healthier lawn by ensuring that plants and leaves don't decompose over the winter. Leaves left on the ground can increase soil acidity and promote weed growth. Diseased leaves that are left on the ground could spread infection to your soil and other trees. Leaf removal will also make your lawn maintenance more effective by allowing fertilizers better access to the soil.

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Aeration and Seeding

Summer can put a lot of stress on your lawn. Help your grass recover from wear, drought and the summer sun with our three-step aeration and seeding program. Core aeration helps reduce soil compression and thatch build-up, while making it easier for water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Aeration also helps new grass grow by allowing seeds to permeate the soil more quickly.

Overseeding is the process of adding new seed over existing grass to create a thick, even lawn. Over-seeding helps fill in bare and patchy areas and create a stronger lawn. A full, healthy lawn makes it more difficult for weeds to spread. When combined, aeration and overseeding create a strong, resilient lawn that is ready to withstand winter conditions.

Fertilization will help both your new grass seed and existing grass grow. The added nutrients provide the optimal conditions for healthy growth, especially when combined with aeration and seeding.

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Lawn fertilization supplies the necessary nutrients to keep your grass thick and healthy. Fertilization helps create greener grass and promotes new leaf growth. It also helps improve the soil to provide better growing conditions and water absorption.

Fertilization combined with a regular maintenance schedule creates optimal lawn health. We offer two comprehensive maintenance packages that include spring, late summer and fall fertilization, along with weed and grub control.

Premium 5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program

Our 5 Step fertilization program includes complete maintenance for your lawn for the entire season. We start with early weed control for crabgrass, dandelions and broadleaf weeds. The package also includes grub control and two rounds of fertilization. The July fertilization adds nutrients to help feed your grass over the summer, while the September fertilization helps to replenish your lawn after the harsh summer heat.

All Lehigh 6 Step Lawn Fertilization Program

Our 6-Step fertilization program involves the same weed and grub control as the 5-step program. It also includes the July and September fertilizations, as well as an additional November winterizing fertilizer.