Choosing Retaining Wall Materials for Your Modern Fishkill, NY, Home

Retaining walls can do so much more for your hardscape than keeping unruly plant beds and slopes in check. These multi-functional structures can serve as seat walls, barriers and aesthetic contributors to the hardscape. With such a wide range of concrete wall units at your disposal, it’s easy to execute a retaining wall design that perfectly complements your Fishkill, NY, home and hardscape. Consider the following versatile Unilock products, for example: 

Rivercrest Wall

Choosing Retaining Wall Materials for Your Modern Fishkill, NY, Home

Rivercrest Wall from Unilock is unmistakably classy and mimics the timeless look and feel of stacked flagstone. Flagstone has been used to construct vertical structures for centuries and bears a striking, historic magnificence. Rivercrest Wall convincingly mimics the shades and textures of this prized stone variety through the integration of various innovative techniques and technologies, in which the concrete units are manufactured in molds cast from authentic stone pieces. In addition to the effortless beauty of natural stone, Rivercrest Wall also bears the unbeatable strength and endurance of concrete.

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Utilizing Rivercrest Wall is an excellent way to incorporate rustic tones and textures into a modern hardscape design. These wall units are wonderfully versatile and pair equally well with contemporary and traditional hardscapes. Consider warming your sleek patio floor with a focal wall comprised of Rivercrest Wall units and achieve a more interesting, characterful landscape. 

Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone is incredibly fashionable and versatile, and could very well be the ideal material to complement your modern home and hardscape. These wall units have sleek edges and smooth faces that are distinctly modern and enhance geometric designs. Lineo Dimensional Stone is available in a wide range of shades, making it that much easier to tailor your verticals to match the rest of your hardscape.

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Consider pairing these chic wall units with more rugged natural stone pieces for an interesting blend of textures. Incorporating a small water feature into your Lineo Dimensional Stone wall can also add a surprising dynamic element to its design. 

Estate Wall

Estate Wall is renowned for offering homeowners the natural elegance of authentic ledge rock, with all of the compressive strength of reinforced concrete. These wall units bear a stunning antiqued finish that adds a touch of luxury to virtually any hardscape design and permeates any outdoor room with a timeless air. Consider creating striking contrasts through the pairing of Estate Wall and sleek metal elements like appliances and contemporary sculpture. This creates a captivating blend of contrasting aesthetic themes that can help to make your hardscape design come alive. Estate Wall also pairs beautifully with the soft shapes and subdued shades of plant life, which are gently complemented by its weathered, stone-like textures. Consider a versatile low wall constructed from these concrete units, that doubles as a seat wall from which to watch the sunset or enjoy the warmth from a nearby fire pit. Smooth coping can be added to ensure comfort and to avoid damaging any delicate dresses and trousers. These elegant walls can also be adorned with soft lighting fixtures and ornate planters for a hardscape that clearly communicates images of elegance and sophistication. 

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Image courtesy of Unilock.