How Do You Know If You Need a Retaining Wall for Your Lagrangeville Landscape?

A flat backyard, comprised of concrete surfaces and unbroken stretches of lawn, can have a terribly monotonous appearance. However, retaining walls and other vertical structures can be constructed to create a more three-dimensional landscape. In addition, retaining walls have various handy uses, from organizing the landscape to optimizing your use of space. Here are a few indications that your Lagrangeville, NY, landscape could use the style and multi-purpose qualities of retaining walls.

An unorganized hardscape

Flat landscapes often lack a clear distinction between different outdoor rooms. An outdoor room is simply an area of the landscape that has a particular function and atmosphere. When different outdoor rooms overlap, their unique atmospheres can become diluted and their layout can appear messy. However, using retaining walls to separate distinct outdoor rooms can clearly define their borders and bring order to the landscape. Your fireside, for example, may offer a cozier atmosphere than your outdoor kitchen, and the presence of retaining walls can help to highlight the individual flair of each space.

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Limited space

The multi-purpose qualities of retaining walls make them excellent candidates for cramped landscapes. Retaining walls can be topped with smooth coping that can serve as a surface for placing drinks, snacks and a variety of other items in the context of an outdoor entertainment area. Retaining wall can also double as permanent seating. Read on to discover how retaining walls can replace bulky furniture.

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An ordinary four-post pergola

How Do You Know If You Need a Retaining Wall for Your Lagrangeville NY Landscape?

Retaining walls can be used to improve the design of an ordinary four-post pergola. A retaining wall can be constructed to span the gap between two posts. The wall will not only create a greater sense of privacy, but can also serve as a flat surface upon which items can be placed or guests can be seated. Each wooden post can also be fitted into a stout pillar constructed from the same wall units. This modification of the classic wooden pergola can make it better suited to the unique aesthetic of your patio. For example, selecting wall units that look similar to the pavers underfoot can unify the entire hardscape design and make it appear better put-together.

Untamed slopes

Retaining walls are often used to terrace an untidy slope that isn’t being used. Not only do these walls combat soil erosion, but they also create functional platforms upon which flower beds can be planted or outdoor living areas can be situated. Consider creating a terraced slope adorned with rose beds, for a classic and historical appearance.  

Crowded furniture arrangements

Retaining walls are often used to enclose a fire pit, as they are space-saving alternatives to bulky outdoor furniture. They create casual seating space that can be nestled into any outdoor room. Consider adorning your retaining walls with comfortable accent pillows, or at least keep them nearby, to ensure that your guests are comfortable. These accent pillows can also serve to add a new, vibrant color to the color palette of your outdoor areas. In the case of using retaining walls for additional seating, remember to opt for smooth coping to avoid snagging dresses and trousers.