Excellent Unilock Retaining Wall Units for your NY Landscape

Retaining walls are a classic element with a powerful structure and appearance that will enhance the beauty of your Poughquag, NY, landscape. With Unilock, you can easily choose the ideal retaining wall unit that will complement the style of your residence. Unilock retaining wall units are known for their durability, sophisticated look, and versatility. Here are some perfectly suited to creating stunning retaining wall features:

Embrace the Elegance of Natural Stone

Excellent Unilock Retaining Wall Units for your Poughquag, NY Landscape

Regardless of the style of your residence, the look of natural stone helps any landscape element to effortlessly blend with its surroundings. Rivercrest Wall has an ultra-realistic flagstone surface texture created with Reala Surface Technology. This wall unit can also be used for building pillars, seat walls, and steps that will match your retaining wall. Available in two colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, Rivercrest Wall offers the flexibility of natural stone and affordability and durability of concrete.

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Recreate the ‘Old World’ Look

The weathered beauty and colors of Roman Wall tend to leave an impression that the wall has been there for years. If you want to recreate a classic, old world look in your outdoor spaces, this flexible wall unit is the right choice for you. Roman Wall is a versatile unit that can be used as a material for both straight and curved retaining walls, steps, seat walls, and planters. The wall unit comes in two earthy shades, Almond Grove and Sierra, as well as a neutral grey Granite.

A popular wall unit that will also give your retaining wall a natural look is Estate Wall. This wall unit has a texture that tends to create a rugged, regal finish with a unique, aged rock appearance. It comes in mostly earthy tones that can also serve as great accents and borders, including Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra, and Walnut. To accentuate the look of your landscape, repeat the style of the retaining wall by building other elements with the same wall unit, such as fire pits and fireplaces.

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One of the most, if not the most versatile concrete landscape product, Brussels Dimensional System will create a wall that impresses with its stylish appearance and charm. Available in seven eye-catching colors, building your wall with this wall unit will transform your landscape into a functional, inviting place. This wall unit couples well with Brussels Fullnose Coping, a coping with a rounded edge that makes for comfortable seating and a soft, elegant look. The coping comes in eleven different color options which give you the opportunity to create a combination that will add your personal touch to the design.

Modern Design

Lineo Dimensional Stone has a smooth surface texture and sleek, clean lines that make it a perfect addition to contemporary style landscapes. Retaining walls built with this unit have a multi-length plank look that tends to naturally blend with vivid landscape elements, highlighting their colors. Lineo Dimensional Stone comes in three shades: Almond Grove, Limestone, and Sierra. Regardless of the color choice, this wall unit creates a strong impression and balanced appearance.

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