4 Weed Killer Mistakes a Lawn Care Service Will Help You Avoid in Lagrangeville, NY

Weeds are a common foe of many Lagrangeville, NY, homeowners. But their attempts to get rid of crabgrass or other types of weeds tend to result in weed overgrowth. You can bring life back to your patchy, unhealthy lawn and avoid weed killer mistakes by hiring a professional to take great care of your yard.

Mistake #1: Relying on One or Too Many Herbicides

Lots of factors go into properly handled weed control, such as timing and frequency of herbicide use, the types of herbicides used, and proper lawn fertilizing. One of the biggest mistakes by homeowners is relying solely on one or a mixture of too many herbicides to get the job done, not realizing that improper herbicide use is one of the easiest ways to damage the lawn and increase the number of new weeds.

Weed control requires knowledge and dedication to do it right. Weeds are resilient and difficult to control, so applying just a herbicide, especially when the weeds are too tall, doesn’t even come close to solving this problem.

To tackle weed issues in your lawn, our team at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. offers the Premium 5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program. This program will keep your lawn weed-free and healthy all year-round. It includes applications of organic fertilizer, weed control, and the prevention of crabgrass, dandelions, and grubs from finding a home in your lawn. It is a plan that ensures weeds are under control even before they have the chance to spread.

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Mistake #2: Not Investing in a Proper Weed Management Plan

4 Weed Killer Mistakes a Lawn Care Service Will Help You Avoid in Lagrangeville, NY

Possibly the biggest mistake of homeowners regarding weed control is not undertaking a weed prevention plan. As a rule of thumb, it is easier—and more cost-effective—to prevent weed with a pre-emergent fertilizer program than to try to control them with a post-emergent one.

On top of it, homeowners usually lack the time to learn how to use a pre-emergent herbicide, how to apply it, how to choose the right one, what is the correct percentage of components, or how to fertilize properly. With our fertilization program, you can rest assured that the overall health of the lawn is in good hands. Contact us for a free estimate for getting your beautiful yard back.

Mistake #3: Overwatering and Frequent Mowing

Just like everything in nature, your lawn needs a specific amount of water to be healthy. Having too much of a good thing—in this case, water—can cause greater damage to the yard. Unfortunately, weeds like overwatering and are likely to thrive and take over the lawn when grass has a difficult time deepening their root system.

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You may think mowing the grass more often would be the answer. However, frequent mowing may uproot the nutrients the grass needs and allow weeds to grow more rapidly and thicker than before. Mowing about once a week will keep your lawn in top shape. Professional lawn services offer the knowledge and care your grass needs.

Mistake #4: Not Contacting a Professional Lawn Care Service

Applying low amounts of herbicides may damage your grass instead of killing the weeds you don’t want. The best tip you can receive regarding weed control is to contact a professional lawn care service—especially when things are getting out of control. Lawn care service will save you from the nightmare of weeds.