Enhance your Privacy Outdoors with these Patio Ideas in Fishkill

Whether you’re basking in the sun, chatting by the fire, or taking a dip in the pool, it’s always easier to relax and make the most of your Fishkill, NY, patio when you know you aren’t being watched by your nosy neighbors or passers-by. It’s almost essential to have a barrier between your outdoor area and the rest of the world, but it can make you feel caged in if executed without tact. Here are some interesting and creative ways to achieve privacy without compromising your sense of freedom.

A breathable barrier

Walls are certainly the most effective barriers, but are also the most confining and can ruin the atmosphere of your patio. However, by creating gaps in your enclosing walls through which light and air can filter, you can avoid feeling boxed-in.

Consider creating a wall comprised of vertical planks or pillars that stand a short distance from the one another. This will not only provide privacy, but will also cast thin linear shadows that have a captivating shutter-like effect. You could also stack wooden panels horizontally, for a neat and understated backdrop to your contemporary furniture arrangements.

Strips of different thicknesses can also be used for a barrier with a natural irregular look and feel, perfect for rustic or fairytale-like patio designs. Allow vines and flowers to climb up the barrier, and consider hanging small planters in the larger openings between branches. This will add pops of color to the wall and enhance its strong sense of character.

Clever landscaping

A hedge wall is a semi-permanent barrier that can provide your patio with absolute solitude. It will require proper maintenance to remain attractive, but will be well worth it. It is a completely natural way to achieve privacy that also gives your patio a cool, refreshing atmosphere. It provides a stunning backdrop to distressed wood furniture and white upholstery, while adorning it with string lights and other decorations can personalize the patio. Mature evergreens can also create a sense of privacy by interrupting one’s view of surrounding houses while providing shade throughout summer and a pop of color in the winter.

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A pergola

Enhance your Privacy Outdoors with these Patio Ideas in Fishkill, NY

A pergola is comprised of four posts and overhead beams, which help to make fire pit or furniture arrangements beneath it feel secluded. Consider draping durable curtains, crafted from outdoor fabric, around the sides of the pergola to protect your patio from the elements. These curtains will also enable you to alternate between making your patio public and private. Draw them shut when you need a bit of me-time, and pull them aside to welcome others inside.

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Low walls

A patio doesn’t need walls as tall as the home to make it feel secure and enclosed. Consider constructing walls, about five feet high, that will provide moderate seclusion while retaining the sense of openness that makes outdoor living so relaxing. They’ll give you a slight view of the surrounding neighborhood, and will shield you completely once you take a seat at the table or fireside.