Benefits of Choosing Unilock Pavers for Your Next Backyard Patio Project in Westchester County

Whether you’re designing a new driveway or patio floor for your Westchester County, NY, backyard, there is a near-endless array of materials that are compatible with your project. When comparing their pros and cons, however, you’ll find that concrete pavers, in most cases, come out on top. Unilock concrete pavers, specifically, are renowned for their unparalleled beauty, durability, and versatility. Here are a few benefits that you can expect when you select Unilock concrete pavers.

Their surfaces are unparalleled

Concrete pavers from Unilock are manufactured using various innovative technologies that enhance their appearance and durability. One such innovation is EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which creates pavers with brilliant colors, gradients, and patterns that are highly resistant to fading. Senzo pavers, for example, are valued for the striking, unpredictable gradients on their surfaces. Umbriano pavers are also excellent examples of what can be accomplished with EnduraColor Facemix Technology.

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They can be arranged into interesting patterns

Town Hall, Copthorne, and Mattoni pavers are all small and linear in design. This characteristic feature makes them highly compatible with a wide range of paver patterns. For example, the herringbone design has a lovely rustic appearance, while the linear running bond formation is better suited to more subtle traditional surfaces. A circular pattern, meanwhile, will draw attention to its center, which can serve as the focal point that ties a large expanse of pavers together.

They will stand the test of time

Benefits of Choosing Unilock Pavers for Your Next Backyard Patio Project in Westchester County NY

Concrete pavers offer remarkable compressive strength - one of their most attractive qualities for contractors and homeowners concerned about the longevity of their projects. Unilock concrete pavers, in particular, are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology that grants them up to four times the strength of poured concrete. A collection of smaller pavers yields an even stronger surface, as its numerous joints grant it the flexibility needed to move along with the natural expansion and contraction of the earth. Consider Courtstone or Copthorne pavers for your driveways and other high-traffic areas that require enhanced durability.

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They offer a substitute for natural stone

Unilock offers numerous concrete products that emulate the exquisite shades and textures of real natural stone. Unilock Reala Surface Technology casts textures from authentic quarried stone, and creates the most convincing results. Opting for concrete substitutions for natural stone can not only save money, but can also create a longer lasting surface, especially when fortified with Ultima Concrete Technology. Some variations of natural stone are too brittle to be incorporated into load-bearing surfaces like walkways and driveways. Concrete substitutes are therefore valuable, should you wish to create a sophisticated flagstone or sandstone driveway.

They can make your landscape more eco-friendly

Rainwater often accumulates on top of paved surfaces like patios and driveways, before it’s able to flow into stormwater drains. This keeps the water from returning to the surrounding natural ecosystem. This water can also form puddles that stain pavers. To remedy this, Unilock has created a range of permeable concrete pavers that allow rainwater to seep into the underlying soil and replenish the natural water table. This can contribute to a thriving environment, and will keep your pavers stain-free.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.