Showstopping Combinations of Color with Unilock Driveway Pavers in NY

Creating an impressive driveway requires more than quality materials. An eye toward layout, color, and detail also influence the effectiveness of the design. For showstopping combinations of color using Unilock driveway pavers in Pleasant Valley, NY, consult with Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping Inc. to ensure that the aesthetic intended is the one that is achieved.

Contemporary and Contrasting

Creating a modern landscape generally includes a focus on simplicity with focused and minimal use of contrast for maximum impact. Appropriate pavers for this style will focus on length, right angles, and smooth texture. Unilock offers a variety of pavers that readily meet these requirements, including the series of Artline, Senzo, and Promenade Plank Paver. Choosing one or more of these paver options and contrasting the colors used for accents or borders is an effective way to use color as a method of accomplishing an aesthetic goal. A favorite for contrast with modern style pavers, Courtstone is available in the shades of Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, or a blend of colors completed on site. Courtstone in the Basalt color option makes an excellent border paver, that highlights and contrasts lighter colored pavers with a more contemporary appearance.

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Red Brown and Rustic

Showstopping Combinations of Color with Unilock Driveway Pavers in Pleasant Valley NY

For country or traditional style homes, the rustic aesthetic is classically complementary to the structure. This style is generally accomplished with weathered texture, natural features, and red or brown coloring. Unilock offers several pavers that both fit this need and coordinate well with one another. Antara, Brussels Block, and Mattoni all offer a country-esque look and feel while providing access to appropriate colors like Antara in the Sierra shade; Brussels Block with Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Sandstone, Sierra, or Terra Cotta; Mattoni with Cocoa Brown, Charcoal Black, or Sable Blend. Choosing a combination that works for you is easy with the catalog offered by Unilock.

Rich and Complementary

Elegance and glamour in driveway paving stones generally seeks to be an homage to natural, sleek stone. These options will often resemble flagstone in both texture and color, offering high-shine, depth of color, and clear quality. Choices that meet these guidelines offered by Unilock include Richcliff in the shades of Dawn Mist or Pebble Taupe; Thornbury with colors including Almond Grove, Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra; or Treo Classic in Almond Grove, Granite Blend, and Sierra.

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Historical and Commanding

Landscapes with a historical feel require a corresponding paver for the driveway. In addition to the brick style pavers that Unilock offers, the color range available is also exceptional. You can choose from among pavers with a cobblestone feel or a brick aesthetic. For instance, Camelot series comes in the shades Almond Grove, Granite, Rustic Red, Sierra, or Terra Cotta and achieve a unique cobblestone appeal, or go with Hollandstone in one of the many colors that include Almond Grove, Charcoal, Granite, Red, Rustic Red, Sierra, or Terra Cotta. The impact made by your choice of coordinating colors will be clear and positive when you avail yourself of Unilock products and professional guidance.

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