Here's How an Arborist Can Help You This Fall and Winter in Hopewell Junction

Trees bring a lot of value to your Hopewell Junction, NY, home. Many homeowners believe that during fall and winter trees don’t require care. However, professional arborists will attest that trees need attention all year round to keep them healthy and well-maintained.

The Importance of Expert Work

Here's how an Arborist can help you this Fall and Winter in Hopewell Junction, NY

The job of an arborist may seem simple to many. However, it takes more than a person with a chainsaw to take down or prune a tree. Arborists are certified professionals that specialize in individual tree care.

To meet the necessary qualifications, arborists undergo a lengthy period of supervised training, so that when they come to do work in your backyard, they are guaranteed to have years of experience already under their belt. Yearly, hundreds of people suffer from injuries or related trauma associated with residential tree work. Not only is it dangerous, but tree removal and maintenance also requires the proper equipment.  Regular tree care is an investment that leads to substantial returns and reduces the risk of damage to your property.

Tree Inspection for Healthy Trees

Regardless of the season, your trees need proper care. An arborist is a knowledgeable professional that will inspect your trees, test the soil, and diagnose possible tree diseases. Fall and winter are good seasons for tree inspection because the leaves are in the process of being shed, allowing the arborist to see the branch structure and detect cracks, weak branches, and decaying areas. These things are harder to notice during the summer when the leaves are in full bloom. If the arborist finds any traces of disease or insects, they will take proper measures to solve these issues.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the removal of dead limbs or branches. Pruning keeps your trees healthy, gives them proper structure and appearance, and reduces the risk of damage during strong winds or storms. If you have noticed that some of the branches are interfering with the structures of your home, or if they are dead, weak, decayed, or have suffered damage from storms and showed signs of disease or infection, you know it’s time to call an arborist.

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Tree Removal

Hiring an arborist for tree removal is crucial. After inspection, the arborist will determine if and when the tree needs to be removed. An arborist will remove the tree quickly and safely, making sure to avoid any or more damage. Usually, tree removal is conducted if the tree is dead or dying, presents a risk, causes an obstruction, or needs to be relocated to a different area.

Tree Planting and Fertilization

Fall is the perfect season for planting new trees. An arborist will inspect the soil and fertilize the tree for optimal results. Local arborists know the weather conditions of the area and how they affect the quality of the soil. An arborist can recommend tree species that are appropriate for your area and help select the location for your tree that will assure healthy growth.

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