5 Common Problems with Irrigation Systems in Westchester County, NY

While an irrigation system can save time spent watering your landscape and conserve the amount of water necessary to keep it green and lush, some of these systems run into problems at some point or another. Quickly addressing any of these common problems with your Westchester County, NY, irrigation system will get your lawn back to its normal routine as soon as possible.

Broken Equipment

Broken equipment can result in leaking water and soggy grass. There are three main areas where a malfunction in an irrigation system occurs. One is when the sprinkler heads break. Sometimes sprinkler heads sit too high and get damaged by a mower, car, or trimmer. When this happens, the sprinkler head can begin leaking water and even a small amount can have a big impact on the water bill.

A second is when there is a leak in the valve box where the sprinkler connections are housed. A valve or main water line can begin leaking and fill the valve box—you may notice this problem when the ground is very wet around the box.

Another equipment problem is when one of the main water lines buried underground develops a crack and water seeps out. This will be apparent when you see grass that is greener and thicker than the other grass and it runs along a straight line.

Skewed Water Zones

5 Common Problems with Irrigation Systems in Westchester County, NY

When sprinkler heads settle or tilt from the soil compacting or an accidental kick of a foot, the water may begin spraying only on one area or it can spray an area where no water is needed such as a sidewalk. This causes water loss and runoff that may cost you money.

At times, sprinkler heads sink, and that causes heads not popping up above the grass to water the irrigation zone. Instead, the water sort of bubbles out of the sprinkler area, or it might only spray the immediate vicinity and not the entire zone.

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Blocked or Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Over time, bushes grow larger and vegetation creeps in around the sprinkler heads if they are not monitored. Sometimes they are poorly placed in the landscape at installation. When the sprinkler heads become blocked by vegetation or clogged from dirt and roots, water cannot reach the areas to be watered and the grass becomes brown and brittle, or the spray pattern can become uneven.

Uneven Spray Patterns

Uneven spray patterns happen two ways: the spray is too far reaching or the arc is incomplete. When the spray is too far, it does not also water the ground near the sprinkler head, but when the arc is incomplete, the water does not extend to the complete area to be watered and stops too soon. This can mean that your fence, walkway, or driveway is getting watered rather than your landscape.

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Pressure Problem

When the water pressure is too high, water can be blown out of the heads instead of “raining” out. This can cause sprinkler heads to wear too out quickly. Low pressure can cause the sprinkler heads to pop up only partially and can signal a leak somewhere else in the system.