Irrigation Can Help Beat the Heat for Your Lagrangeville, NY Lawn

A proper irrigation system offers a proactive way to ensure a great summer; it gives your lawn the upper hand in getting through the hottest days of the summer with the hydration it requires. Simple practices and adjustments can keep your Lagrangeville, NY, lawn looking lush no matter what the summer weather brings.

The Right Amount of Water

Irrigation Can Help Beat the Heat for Your Lagrangeville, NY Lawn

It’s common knowledge that your lawn needs water to grow, but there’s a lot more involved to get your grass to reach its maximum potential. With that in mind, the first thing you need to know to beat the heat is when exactly your lawn needs watering. The main problem to address is that water tends to evaporate extremely fast during high sun. Even if the water is fully soaked into the soil below, during the heat of the day, the grass won’t truly get a chance to benefit from the water before it is evaporated. This is why the ideal times to water is usually during the evening or during the morning before the sun is up.

There has been some back and forth determining which time is better, but for many homeowners, it comes down to convenience. The reason for watering at these times is because there has to be a perfect balance between absorption and evaporation to achieve a healthy lawn. Exposure to excess water during the nighttime can cause diseases throughout your lawn and that can potentially kill areas of it, so care needs to be taken when watering later in the day.

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Effective Irrigation System

A common landscaping involves the effectiveness and functionality of a landscape’s sprinkler system. You could be running your sprinklers at the right time every day, but if they do not effectively reach all parts of your lawn equally, you could end up with uneven grass. This is why it is important to have your sprinkler system checked at least once at the beginning of the summer, but it is good practice to check it at the end of the summer as well. This ensures that you don’t have any broken sprinklers going into the winter season.

How a professional checks the effectiveness of your system involves running each sprinkler head by itself and checking the area it covers. This evaluation may also involve going around and checking to see if there are any wet spots in odd places when the irrigation system is running at maximum capacity. That way, there will be an understanding as to whether there are any breaks along the irrigation line. From there, any adjustments needed will be put into place and confirmation will be given on whether your irrigation system is ready to beat the heat of the summer.

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Smart Irrigation Systems

If you are looking to install a new irrigation system instead of a conventional system, know that smart irrigation systems do a lot of the work for you. A smart irrigation works along with the piping and sprinkling of a conventional system with the help of sensors and a small central computer unit. There are moisture and weather sensors that constantly monitor the amount of moisture in the soil, making sure it doesn’t go below or above a set threshold. Not only does this keep your lawn in fantastic shape, it can also cut down your water bill.