How to Fix and Prevent Yellow Grass with Lawn Treatment in Pleasant Valley, NY

A lush, green lawn will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.  But grass that is thick and healthy requires special care. Take the guesswork out of lawn maintenance by hiring a dependable lawn care company. A good lawn treatment program will get your Pleasant Valley, NY grass looking its best, and help keep it that way all season long.

What Causes Yellow Grass?

How to Fix and Prevent Yellow Grass with Lawn Treatment in Pleasant Valley, NY  

The first step to ridding your lawn of unsightly yellow spots is to understand what causes them. There are a number of factors that can contribute to yellow grass. Poor soil condition is often the cause of a discolored lawn. Soil that is lacking in nutrients is unable to produce healthy, green grass. 
Nitrogen in the right doses is good for your lawn, but too much of it is actually harmful. Over fertilizing can burn your lawn and cause it to look dry and yellow. Pets can also be the cause of yellow patches of grass, since dog urine is high in nitrogen.
Improper mowing is another reason grass may turn yellow. Both cutting too short and leaving the grass grow too long can negatively affect the health of your lawn. Lack of water can also result in dry, yellow grass.
With so many variables affecting the health of your grass, it’s easy to see why so many people hire lawn care companies to maintain their lawn. Lehigh Lawn & Landscaping Inc.’s professional lawn care experts can help your lawn grow thick and healthy.


Mowing can have a big impact on the health of your grass. Regular mowing, with the blades set at the right height for your grass type, will provide the best results. Cutting your lawn too short removes the healthy, green blades and exposes the stems. This inhibits photosynthesis and reduces the amount of energy the grass receives. 
Sharp mower blades also contribute to healthy grass. Dull blades can tear and damage the grass. For best results, mowing should be done by a professional with diligently maintained equipment.


Your lawn requires plenty of water to stay green during the hot summer months. When temperatures soar and dry spells occur, grass can wilt and become yellow.  But watering too much or at the wrong times can also harm your lawn. Timed irrigation systems, installed by a professional landscaping company, such as Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc., can provide a solution.

Seeding and Aeration

Aeration and seeding work together to help your lawn recover from stress and wear. Adding new seed to your lawn helps fill in bare patches and generates a thick, green lawn.
Core aeration reduces lawn compaction and creates ideal conditions for seeding. When the cores break down, they help new seeds make contact with the soil. Aeration also allows water and nutrients reach the roots of your grass, providing the best conditions for healthy growth. 


Proper lawn fertilization is the best way to ensure a thick, healthy lawn. Fertilization ensures that grass receives the right nutrients and creates optimal growing conditions. Your lawn’s fertilization needs will change through the season. That’s why it’s important to employ a fertilization schedule that takes seasonal conditions into account.

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