Why You Should Avoid Store-Bought Weed Killer in Poughkeepsie, NY

Some weeds sprouting within your landscape are an expected part of home ownership. Ideally, though, nuisance plants should be dealt with appropriately, and some homeowners think it’s as easy as pulling out a jug of chemical and spraying the weeds away. However, in all reality, you should avoid store-bought weed killer for your home or business in Poughkeepsie, NY, and rely instead on professional landscaping maintenance for the following reasons.

The Difference in Price Is Negligible

Why You Should Avoid Store-Bought Weed Killer in Poughkeepsie, NY

Homeowners might assume that using store-bought weed killer is the less expensive option for dealing with weed problems. But in fact if it is not properly applied and is used incorrectly, the effort of ridding the landscape of weeds could take up more of your valuable time than you ever planned for. Further, the service may include more than just weed prevention, making it even more valuable. Before assuming that you’re saving money by purchasing weed killer that you don’t really know how to apply or how to handle safely, allow professionals to protect your lawn from weeds and provide care to make sure that your grass thrives and grows beautifully.

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Incorrect Applications Present Consequences

Incorrectly applying weed killer can kill far more than your weeds. Weeds are, in fact, plants, so overuse and misapplication of weed killer can result in dead spots within your lawn and even the unintentional death of trees and shrubs. Being unfamiliar with the best spraying methods and needed amounts of chemical for application can result in an overspraying or windblown chemical harming other lawn areas. Rather than wasting your time and money trying to get rid of weeds and killing your lawn simultaneously, begin with a call to professionals who can rid your lawn of weeds in a manner that minimizes risks.

Environmental Impacts Could Be Substantial

Overuse of chemical weed killer can be environmentally harmful. These chemicals can flow into the groundwater, so use should be minimal and appropriate. They can also become windborne, harming insects and birds. Fortunately, safe alternatives exist. The best way to avoid these harmful effects tends to involve minimizing the use of chemicals by using natural methods and maintaining a thriving landscape—and both are possible with professional care and expertise.

The Potential for Health Issues

Store-bought weed killer requires special care and is more often than not used by someone who is not accustomed to handling chemicals or reading loads of fine print. Avoid the danger when dealing with a task that needs to be done only once or twice a year. Instead, minimize the health risks and trust the use of professional landscaping services that will eliminate weeds and keep your lawn healthy.

Storage and Safety Can Be a Problem

Along with store-bought weed killer come the dual issues of storage and disposal. Homeowners often have no clue about these issues, and tend to make potentially dangerous, negligent decisions without even being aware of them. Protect your pets, children, and the planet by employing a responsible, experienced landscape company to store any treatments within its own facility.

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A Well-Cared-For Lawn Requires Less Treatment

The best cure for weeds within your lawn tends to be a healthy lawn. Lush, thick grass minimizes weed growth because little space within the soil exists for the weed’s seeds to germinate. With professional care keeping the lawn appropriately cultivated, fertilized, watered, and mulched, we minimize the potential for weed growth. When the once-in-a-while weed does sprout, lawn maintenance professionals have all of the licenses, education, and protective gear needed to safely apply appropriate chemical in the right amounts and in the right manner.