Landscaping Essentials for Beautiful Curb Appeal

Apart from the obvious elements of your Dutchess County, NY property that are most visible from the street - the roof, front door and siding - some quality landscaping and hardscaping can go a long way in improving the curb appeal of your home. Below are a few ideas to create a welcoming first impression that captures the attention of potential buyers and visitors alike.


Nothing beats a stylish driveway constructed from durable concrete pavers or flagstone selected to match the theme and design elements of your home. When choosing material for a driveway, remember to take into account the natural hues of the environment. These tones can be used in the paving of the driveway itself, as subtle accents, or to add the final touches in the form of bordering. You can further augment your driveway by widening the entrance to give your home a more stately feel, or simply to allow easier access for vehicles.

Front Yard Water Features

A water feature catches the eye and can be used as the perfect focal point for your front yard. A waterfall feature will not only attract the attention of passers-by, but local wildlife such as birds and butterflies as well, turning your front yard into a lively and attractive natural setting. Water features add value to your property, and with their quick construction time and low maintenance, are a surefire investment in your home’s curb appeal. Because the filtration system of water features takes up so little room, they can even be added to front yards where space is otherwise limited.

Paved Walkways

Aesthetic paved walkways not only enhance the visual appeal of your front yard, but will also help to preserve your lawn and provide excellent bordering for flowerbeds. Concrete pavers and bluestone are ideal for walkways and, because they come in such a wide variety of styles and cuts, you’re sure to find the right material to match the design of your home (or ask us for help!).


A well-tended lawn is one thing, but adding evergreen shrubs or hedges will give your front yard instant curb appeal at very little cost. Potted plants can be used to great effect in gardens where flowerbeds and planting room is limited. Hedges or trees can also be used to create privacy and add mystique. When planting trees however, take into account how long the tree will take to reach maturity and also how large it will be when it does. An excellent tree for both decorative and privacy purposes is the Emerald Green Arborvitae which is a small evergreen that grows quickly and reaches a height of up to 12ft. The Emerald Green can also be planted at 3ft intervals to create a thick, tidy green hedge.

Outdoor Lighting

If an appealing nighttime setting is what you’re after, proper outdoor lighting is essential. Lamps mounted on your gateposts or smaller lights installed along the edges of your walkways will ensure your home looks as enticing at night as it does during the day. Lighting has the added benefit of doubling as a security feature. If you’re concerned about conserving energy, you can always have your lights wired to a timer, a motion detector, or have them installed with their own self-powering solar panels. Great lighting creates an ambience that visitors and potential buyers will find hard to ignore.

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