Why Driveway Pavers Are Becoming The New Norm For NY Properties

Why Driveway Pavers are Becoming the New Norm for Pleasant Valley NY Properties

Creating a dramatic driveway is important to showcase the value of your Pleasant Valley, NY property. For this purpose, homeowners are increasingly turning to pavers to craft immaculate driveways. Let's find out why this product is so effective at creating great first impressions.

The Ultimate Material

Determining the best material for your driveway can be tricky. This is because there are just so many options. Gravel, for example, is a simple and cheap material, however, it gets everywhere and requires continuous maintenance. The top layer also needs to be regularly replaced.

Asphalt may be a more permanent option compared with gravel, however, it still requires a lot of maintenance in the form of resealing and resurfacing every few years. Poured concrete doesn’t have the surface issues associated with asphalt, but does create a bland end product and tends to crack, requiring large sections to be replaced.

Because of this, pavers are becoming the new norm for driveways, offering a durable solution without any of these hassles. They are sturdy, flexible and low maintenance. They can also be replaced individually with very little effort or expense. Because pavers are individual units, they allow for the expansion and contraction that comes with changes in temperature. They are also able to support heavy loads and are specially treated to provide extremely long surface texture and color. Perhaps most importantly, they create an attractive, visually interesting surface that can replicate the charm and character of natural stone. With so many different designs and colors available, they can be used to craft a driveway that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of your property.

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Permeable Options

There are many permeable paver options available that offer a host of benefits. Permeable pavers allow water to drain through them into the ground beneath. This water can then be caught in rainwater collection systems or be returned into natural subsurface water system. This helps prevent areas becoming waterlogged during heavy rain, limits soil erosion and prevents pollutants from being carried by stormwater into the greater environment.

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Many areas in NY now have limits on the number of non-permeable structures that can be installed on a property. This is due to local water management legislation. Permeable pavers allow the construction of additional hardscaped areas when the surface area of non-permeable surfaces has been exceeded.

Revolutionary Designs

A stunning driveway is essential for maximizing the curb appeal of any property. With such a vast array of paver designs and colors, a masterpiece can be crafted to suit the theme of your landscape, incorporating accents, borders and laying patterns that are not possible with other hardscaping options.

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The flexibility of design offered by pavers extends to the shape and form themes possible when creating your driveway. This allows driveway designs that incorporate flowing lines, sweeping curves or a traditional geometric layout.

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Straightforward Installation and Maintenance

Pavers are relatively simple to install in comparison to other options. Contractors can lay them down quickly and effectively after prepping the foundation. This means you won't have to suffer through an arduous process and lengthy inconvenience.

Once installed, pavers are extremely low maintenance, apart from an infrequent hose down to keep them looking new. This makes pavers a sensible option and a low-hassle, long-term investment.