Assessing the Right Fertilizer Treatment for a Westchester County, NY, Property

Getting anything that lives to thrive can be tricky. It takes knowledge and experience to determine the when, where, and why of how to properly care for something, whether it’s plants or grass. When it comes to assessing the right fertilizer treatment for your Westchester County, NY, lawn, you will want to have some understanding of the many elements that go into doing it properly. For example, the grass type, seasonal weather, surrounding landscape foliage, environment, and regulations all play a role in how fertilizer can and is used.

Safe and Effective Use of Fertilizer

Assessing the Right Fertilizer Treatment for a Westchester County, NY, Property

The use of fertilizer involves following guidelines to ensure the protection of not only you and your lawn, but other people, pets, wildlife, and the environment in general. Fertilizers containing phosphates are regulated, and New York limits their use. It is generally recommended that homeowners have their soil tested to determine the exact amount of phosphate needed to improve lawn condition in lieu of applying the maximum amount in every situation.

Additionally, there are also guidelines to seasonal applications of products that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Between December 1 and April 1, products that contain these chemicals cannot be applied in New York.

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Your non-agricultural lawn is the only turf regulated, however, and certain applications such as deep root feeding and applications to trees, vegetables, gardens, and shrubs are not subject to the same laws. These areas can be fertilized at any time of the year.

Seasonal Applications

When fertilizer applications can be made is just one factor of many. The other issues to address are what type of fertilizer is needed and when to apply it. Part of the decision depends on the changing seasons. A service that offers a step-by-step program to accommodates for the conditions that come with each season can be considered highly effective in helping your lawn be as healthy as possible. Such a fertilizer program could include weed control, grub control, granular and organic fertilizer options, as well as spring and fall cleanups including de-thatching, core aeration, overseeding, liming, and winterizing.

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Surrounding Foliage and Environmental Conditions

It is important that when you are assessing lawn fertilizer needs that you also consider what is growing around your lawn and where runoff from your lawn goes. Fertilizers can contain components that are dangerous to plant life and water ecosystems. You wouldn’t want to bring harm to any other area of your landscape design by trying to enhance your lawn itself. Making sure you take a proper inventory of what is growing where will help you assess the best approach and the products that are put into use when it comes to your lawn’s care and maintenance.  

Professional Assessment

It’s up to you how involved you want to be in understanding what your lawn needs. Many homeowners leave all the care and concern to the landscaping pros. That way, they do not have to worry about when fertilizer is allowed or how much is necessary. They can be reassured that their family and pets will be kept safe—and their lawn will thrive for maximum enjoyment. A professional team of experts will be knowledgeable in all of this and can take the worry off of your shoulders.