Sign Up Now for Professional Snow Management in Westchester County

Snow might create a picture-perfect winter landscape for your Westchester County, NY, residence or business complex, but the winter magic doesn’t last long when vehicle access is blocked or property damage is a concern. Whether it’s the driveway to your residence or your business complex parking lot, an icy surface is a hazard that needs to be taken care of. Snow and ice removal requires specially designed equipment, a place to which the snow can be relocated, and the use of the right de-icing products. Instead of risking taking this matter into your own hands, hire a snow management company that will take care of the problem.

Professional service

Sign Up Now for Professional Snow Management in Westchester County, NY

It is really important to hire a skilled snow management service. Hiring unskilled workers that clear ice using the wrong chemicals can lead to damaged hardscapes. If you own rental properties and you want to avoid all of these problems while keeping your tenants happy and safe, hire a professional snow management company.

Choose a company that has experience and expertise in clearing snow without causing damage and who are insured to cover any damage that may occur incidentally. It is crucial to have a contract in place and a guarantee from the company that any damages caused by their actions will fall on them.

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Particularly in the case of commercial property, you can protect yourself against the chance of someone getting hurt and filing a lawsuit against you. Many times, in the case of accidents the lawsuits are dismissed because the contractor will be able to prove that they did their job correctly and that you fulfilled your duty by hiring a snow and ice management service.

Sign up before the first snowfall

It’s never too early to sign up for professional snow management and reserve your spot. Booking in advance will ensure that you are on the list for the upcoming season. Many of the best companies book out quickly for these services and you never know when the first snow is going to surprise Westchester County.

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Things to consider when hiring a snow management company

Before hiring a snow management company, do some research into the companies offering the service in your area. Look for recommendations and check online reviews. If you are dealing with a reliable contractor, they will give a realistic estimate for your requirements, answer your questions, and provide proof of their liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

The company should give you information about the equipment they are going to be using and the frequency of the service. Before signing the contract, ask about their strategy and how they might handle issues unique to your property. Serious services are present in the industry for many years, demonstrating a satisfied clientele and a professional history. You should also be welcome to ask for references. Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping Inc. has been serving the landscaping requirements of the area for over thirty years and welcomes you to join us as part of our family of satisfied homeowners.

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