5 Signs That You Need Tree Service in Westchester County, NY

As a Westchester County, NY, homeowner, you may find that most of your attention is drawn to your grass and shrubs rather than your trees. But if any of the following signs are apparent on your trees, it may be time for tree service.

Diseased Branches

5 Signs That You Need Tree Service in Westchester County, NY

What you don’t want is a tree that you love or that is important to the overall look of your landscape to become diseased and die. If branches are falling or appear weak and decayed, this can be a sign of a problem that has spread to the inner part of the tree.

After winter’s snow and bouts of wind, there are inevitably branches that have fallen, and that means spring offers an opportune time to have the limbs inspected for wounds. It is also wise to have the broken edges trimmed to present a smooth appearance to the trees in your yard.

Diseased branches also present a dangerous hazard as they could fall without warning on anyone who is nearby.

Cracks in the Trunk or Limbs

When you can see cracks, especially deep ones, in the trunk of a tree, it is a sign that the tree could be sick or dying. If you don’t attend to what is causing the cracks, it can cause the disease to spread and eventually lead to a failing tree.

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At times, a tree can grow too large and unsightly. This can be a real problem if the branches are hanging over your home or obstructing the ease of parking in the driveway. When a storm comes, which can happen frequently in the spring, branches can fall on electrical lines or even on your car, causing damage. Or, a huge branch could fall on the house, causing damage to the roof and interior rooms.

Overgrowth also leads to aesthetic issues with trees—trees that are too large just don’t look nice in the landscape. A tree should grow fuller and thicker, but not so far upward that it becomes thin and spindly in appearance.


When a tree is attacked by insects, they can eat the leaves or bore inside or suck the liquid from the tree. Not only does this affect the tree in question, but the likelihood of the pests attacking the other trees is high. To ensure the health of your trees, have a professional landscape contractor inspect the bugs and apply a pesticide to keep them from spreading.

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Dead Trees

If you suspect that some of the trees in your yard might be dead, you should address this issue quickly. The last thing you want is for a dead tree to fall and damage your or your neighbor’s property. Not only will you have to fix whatever is wrong, but the relationship with your neighbor could become strained.

If you think your trees have been damaged from the winter weather, or they just need a good trim to look their best, seek the advice of a certified landscape arborist. A landscape company that provides excellent tree service will be able to trim your trees, remove any dead branches, assess storm damage and correct the problems—and help you keep your trees healthy going forward.