The Difference Between Professional Grade Weed Killer and Store-Bought Products in Poughkeepsie, NY

Weed management is an ongoing process that requires the right products and expertise to do it right. Taking any shortcuts tends to backfire—leading to additional expenses and more weeds. Some homeowners use store-bought weed killers and they have moderate success at first. What they do not realize until it is too late: The difference between professional grade weed killer and store-bought products in Poughkeepsie, NY, is a difference that can ultimately save them a lot of time and money over the long run.

Active Ingredients in Weed Killer

The Difference Between Professional Grade Weed Killer and Store-Bought Products in Poughkeepsie, NY

The concentration of active ingredients in store-bought and professional-grade weed killers can differ dramatically. You may notice that lawn care professionals dress in appropriate safety gear when applying weed killer—and even though it is suggested that people wear long pants, gloves, and a face mask when applying store-bought products, those products are not nearly as potent—or effective as the weed killer that the professionals use.

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Professional Potency of Weed Killer

The potency of the active ingredients in professional-grade weed killers is the primary reason why they’re more effective. However, there are a few more reasons why lawn care professionals do a better job at killing weeds than the average homeowner has the means and capabilities to do on their own.

For one, users of store-bought products may be less inclined to fully read or understand the directions as they are not accustomed to the practice of applying weed killer. They may be unsure how to properly calculate how much of it is needed and how to properly mix the correct concentrate. They are less likely equipped to follow best pre-application and post-application practices including watering or safety precautions such as preventing pets from accessing the area within the specified time.

Another issue is storage. Since few garages and garden sheds are heated, many lawn care products can lose their effectiveness in freezing temperatures. Professionals properly store their weed killer.

The Wrong Product at the Wrong Time

There is an important difference between pre-emergent herbicide and post-emergent herbicide, and they are not interchangeable. Just because there is half a bottle of pre-emergent herbicide left on the garage shelf does not mean it can be applied to broadleaf weeds that are well established. And yet, people do this all the time, with predictably miserable results.

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The Wrong Product for the Problem

Not all weed killers are created alike. Different chemicals will eradicate specific weeds, but not all—if they killed “every” weed, then they would also kill your lawn, shrubs, and trees. Therefore it’s vital to use the right product for the job. This may mean buying several different products and knowing how to use each one of them correctly.

No Guarantee

While many herbicide products offer a very limited warranty, it’s virtually impossible to rule out user error—again, because people fail to read directions or misunderstand them. This is not the case with a reputable lawn care company, which will stand by its work.

For the same reason most people don’t cut their own hair, it’s best to leave the complexities of lawn care to the professionals. Lawn care requires specialized knowledge about grasses and weeds, weed growth cycles, as well as the time and skill to safely and effectively apply the right products at the right time.