4 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Backyard Parties in Putnam County, NY

One of the best things about having an outdoor kitchen in your Putnam County, NY, backyard is the ability to host great outdoor gatherings. But to turn your landscape into a truly functional hosting headquarters, you may need to make a few upgrades. Try some of these ideas to get your outdoor kitchen ready for hosting fabulous backyard parties.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Appliances

Outdoor kitchens not only let you enjoy cooking al fresco, but they also give you the opportunity to cook things you might not want to make indoors. Adding a smoker to your outdoor kitchen will let you serve up delicious smoked meat without having to deal with smell and smoke in your house.

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A wood-fired pizza oven is another popular feature in outdoor kitchens that isn’t always desirable or possible inside. And the draw of delicious, freshly baked pizza will make your backyard gatherings everyone’s favorite event.

Add an Abundance of Seating

When you’re hosting a backyard party, you want your guests to be comfortable. Standing for hours on end will wear people out and send them home early. Incorporating seating in and around your outdoor kitchen will ensure that your backyard is always ready for company.

Start with an outdoor dining set that accommodates your whole family and still has a few extra seats for guests. But there are also plenty of other opportunities to add seating to your landscape. Adding a counter and bar stools to your grill island will create a place for people to pull up a chair and chat with the cook. And built-in seating walls add permanent extra seating while also helping to define outdoor rooms.

Provide Shelter From the Elements

4 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Backyard Parties in Putnam County, NY

Getting outside with friends and family is the goal of a great backyard, but the weather can sometimes put a damper on the outdoor fun. Creating shelter from the elements will protect your guests and allow you to entertain outdoors whatever the weather.

We wait all winter for summer to come so we can get outside, but the hot summer sun often leaves us looking for an escape. Adding shade over your outdoor kitchen will help protect the cook who’s already dealing with heat from the grill. A well-placed pergola creates shade when you need it most while still keeping that open-air feeling. A shade sail canopy can provide shade where you need it most. To beat the sun as well as rain or snow, a cabana or covered porch will make your outdoor kitchen a comfortable year-round destination.

Don’t Let the Party Stop After Dark

Often the best parties start during the day but continue well into the night. If your backyard isn’t properly outfitted, outdoor gatherings can become hazardous after the sun sets. The addition of outdoor lighting will transform your landscape into a magical escape at night. Landscape lighting creates a beautiful ambiance while also increasing safety and security.

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Talk to your landscape contractor about how you plan to use the yard after dark to ensure they come up with the best plan for your backyard. Walkways, dining and cooking areas, as well as any water or fire features all require proper lighting for nighttime entertaining.

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