4 Popular Natural Stones Used in Landscape Construction in Westchester County

Incorporating the timeless elegance of natural stone in your Westchester County landscape can add interest and give the space a touch of natural beauty. The three major advantages of using natural stone in landscape construction are its long-term durability, low maintenance and the sheer variety of stone options available. Choosing quality stone should be a priority as some types of stone tend to deteriorate under harsh weather conditions or heavy use. Here are some popular natural stones that will not only match the style of your home, but are also practical for outdoor elements:

4 Popular Natural Stones Used in Landscape Construction in Westchester County


Granite is without a doubt one of the strongest natural materials on the market for landscape construction. Granite is used for outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and other elements that require masonry, as well as countertops for service areas. This natural stone has an appealing mottled surface and is available in some stunning shades including pink, orange, grey and black. Surface finishes include brushed, chiseled, honed and polished for creating a smooth, shining surface for kitchen countertops. Because of its bold nature, granite is frequently used in modern designs.


Aside from being famous for its natural earthy tones, limestone is another widely used natural stone because it’s easy for construction. This stone is formed in the process of accumulation and compression of sand, shells, and other organic material, hence the richness of colors and variety of appearances. Limestone’s fine-grained surface is excellent for accentuating a patio or walkways.

Because of its fine grain, limestone is a relatively soft stone. This makes it easy to work with, but does make it susceptible to erosion and the effects of even mild acids. Many homeowners enjoy the look created by worn limestone, however maintenance will be required in order to keep your limestone surfaces looking brand new if this is a look you prefer.


Sandstone’s coloring is similar in range to limestone, with gold, golden browns, earthy browns, greys and light beige. Sandstone, however, has a larger grain which gives it a sand-like texture and appearance. This factor also makes it more durable than limestone. Sandstone is ideal for creating relaxed patio spaces and adding stretches of beachy coloring to poolsides. Sandstone’s popular golden coloring is also great for achieving a Mediterranean feel or simply for adding a warm character to your outdoor areas.


Because of its moderate texture and attractive colors, flagstone is one of the most popular choice for patios, walkways and outdoor spaces in general. Flagstone is extremely resistant to environmental elements and requires very little maintenance.

Flagstone is available in a huge range of colors including earthy browns, blues, greys, deep charcoals, light pinks, and off-whites. Individual stones often present a range of colors, gentle gradients, intricate patterning and natural veins of color. This makes a flagstone paved surface high in visual interest and can be further enhanced by incorporating irregular flagstone pavers in your design for a truly random, natural look.

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