Essential Summer Tree Service to Keep your Green Giants Healthy

During the summer period, your trees are particularly vulnerable to damage by pests, summer storms, and fungi related diseases. As with any part of your property in Poughquag, NY, that requires maintenance, your trees deserve attention as well. Trimming, pest inspection, and regular watering are key to maintaining your trees’ health throughout the summer and avoiding possible hazards that may arise from neglect.

Professional Care

Essential Summer Tree Service to Keep your Green Giants Healthy in Poughquag, NY

Regardless of the actions you are taking to ensure proper tree care, the help of a professional arborist is essential. Professional assistance is necessary as there are some warning signs that might not be familiar to you and may not be easily noticeable to the untrained eye. An arborist is a trained professional who can help you determine the health of your trees or the extent of damage that might have taken hold. Employing the services of an arborist during summer will ensure your trees' health during the time of year when airborne spores and insects reach their peak levels of activity. After an arborist has made an assessment of your trees, he can prescribe a treatment program, or, if some of the limbs of the trees prove to be weakened, cable them or remove them safely.


Even though the majority of tree pruning is done during the dormant season, your trees may require some pruning during the summer if damage has taken hold. When you notice diseased, dead, or damaged branches, make sure to contact a professional to prune them out. This will not only ensure healthy and thriving trees, but you will also remove hazards and increase safety on your property. Professional pruning and follow-up treatment also allays some of the risks of fungal infection setting in during the warm weather of summer.

Pest Inspection

There are many tree pests that are active through the summer months, including bagworms, aphids, and spider mites. You may notice a lot of insects around your trees, but not all of them are harmful. To prevent pest problems, hire a professional to conduct regular pest inspections and identify problems.

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Correct mulching methods are an important part of taking good care of your trees. It stabilizes soil temperature, helps save moisture and cuts down on weed competition. Over mulching can be harmful, however, so employ the skills of a professional to keep your trees hydrated and nurtured.


Trees need nutrition to grow healthy leaves and fight pest infestation and diseases. Trees that grow in high-stress areas need more care than trees growing in a natural setting and may develop nutrient deficiencies. Although spring fertilization is most common, nutrient deficiencies should be addressed when they arise. Nutritional deficiencies can manifest as unseasonal yellowing of the leaves. If this is the case, an arborist may prescribe a fertilization program to restore the health of the tree.


During summer, trees need more water than at other times of the year. This is especially applicable if the trees are newly planted and young. Installing effective irrigation systems is ideal for ensuring that your trees receive the right amount of water.

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