5 Essential Tasks of Commercial Property Maintenance in Westchester County, NY

When it comes to pleasing your customers, first impressions are everything. The first thing they will notice upon entering your commercial property is how well (or how poorly) it has been maintained. The care you show to the exterior of your property is the first thing that will welcome customers, and is an immediate reflection of how you will care for them. Here’s how to keep up with commercial maintenance in Westchester County, NY.

These five essential tasks will ensure you always have a professional looking and expertly maintained property that your customers will recognize and appreciate.

Attention to Detail During the Harshest Months

5 Essential Tasks of Commercial Property Maintenance in Westchester County, NY

Reliability is a must in business—it’s what reputations are built on. Nothing, not even the weather, should keep interfere with your properties’ ability to be open and operating. Proper snow and ice removal involves specialized expertise and meticulousness, with the right treatment applied to keep slippery spots to a minimum, expertise to get the job done efficiently, and reliable, state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your walkways and lot will be cleared effectively.

Giving Visitors Something to Admire

The grass becomes greener on your side of the office park or in your plaza when it follows a well-planned fertilization schedule. From stopping weeds before they grow (pre-emergent treatment), controlling for grubs, and attacking the weeds that manage to appear, a fertilization and weed-control program that’s followed through the year will keep your grassy areas looking beautiful—perhaps even giving your tenants a reason to take their shoes off during their lunch break.

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A Refresh to Your Landscape

Going in and out of work each day or visiting your property once a week, you may no longer notice the fine details in your landscape. Perhaps your entryway is starting to show some cracks or your softscape is getting overcrowded. Landscape design expertise can take a holistic view of your property and explore whether it could use some updates, whether it us to make it more aesthetically pleasing, help your business look more modern, or bring it up to today’s standards in terms of safety and ease of navigation. You ultimately want your exterior space to always have a welcoming and finished look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Courteous Maintenance

The clock doesn’t stop when there’s business to be done. Landscape companies that have reliable, expert crews adept at maintaining commercial properties are valued for their awareness of what businesses need to be fully operational and satisfactory to customers. Lawn maintenance equipment can be noisy, of course, but efficiently run crews keep the noise at a minimum since they work fast and value courteousness and customer service, just like you.

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Health Checks for Your Trees

Trees add to your commercial property’s beautiful scenery and provide comfortable shade, but beauty and shade won’t last if your trees miss out on regular checkups. Experts in tree maintenance take a different perspective than property owners—they are more likely to notice when a tree needs some attention, in the form of pruning to avoid a falling branch that could hurt a customer or employee, or whether it could have a disease problem that needs to be addressed.