Tips for Choosing the Right Pavers for your Driveway Project in Pleasant Valley

The architecture of your Pleasant Valley, NY, home and the aesthetic you desire for your hardscape will determine the perfect shade and texture for your driveway pavers. One of a designer’s main goals when selecting pavers is to ensure that they complement the other materials in the home and hardscape and do not detract from them. Consider these pointers for choosing the right pavers for your driveway.

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Antiqued pavers for rustic homes

Consider pavers with rugged surfaces in order to create a beautiful driveway with timeless warmth. Pavers like these can be incorporated into modern hardscapes in very creative ways, but are especially suited to rustic designs. While textured pavers often serve as a breath of fresh air in a contemporary hardscape, they are the foundation upon which more traditional hardscapes are built.

These pavers are generally processed to bear a timeworn look and can even emulate aged natural stone. Despite their antique appearance, these pavers are imbued with all the durability and compressive strength of concrete. Consider pairing your driveway with a rustic low wall comprised of large tumbled concrete blocks, or finished with a rugged stone veneer. This can tie the entire property together by ensuring that the same aesthetic is continued throughout the design.

Sleek pavers for contemporary elegance

Smooth, elongated pavers are primarily compatible with contemporary hardscape designs. Their linear plank-like format often complements the use of geometric shapes that tends to dominate modern design. Another benefit of using linear pavers lies in the intricate paver patterns that can be created.

Contemporary pavers are generally acquired in sandy and smoky color variations because these shades are neutral enough to complement a variety of outdoor living designs but still bear rich undertones that add character and dimension to the paved surface. Consider pairing pavers that have cool undertones with vibrant green lawns, as the contrast created is often stunning. Pavers that are slightly unrefined can be used to create borders that frame the driveway. These pavers will not only break up a large expanse of smooth concrete, they will also serve as a distinguishing feature that sets your modern hardscape aside from the rest.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pavers for your Driveway Project in Pleasant Valley NY

Pavers perfect for traditional suburbia

A classic suburban driveway can be created using concrete pavers that emulate brick.  Concrete pavers can be found in various shades of brown and burgundy, which pair beautifully with the crisp green landscapes that often accompany suburban homes. This type of driveway will also pair excellently with a home that features brick in its architecture.  Non-slip and non-skid variations of concrete pavers can be acquired in order to minimize the risk of accidents occurring on the property.

The sophisticated ruggedness of natural stone  

Concrete pavers have come a long way in mimicking real quarried stone. These stunning pavers are perfect companions to green, wooded landscapes, and are equally compatible with contemporary hardscapes. Their crude surfaces and unrefined edges work well in rustic designs, while their neutral color palettes and timeless elegance are perfectly suited to current trends in outdoor living.

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Image Source: Unilock