How to Create a Pet-Friendly Lawn with Organic Fertilizer in Westchester County, NY

You take great care of your fur babies; you make sure they have regular visits to the vet, lots of love and play time, and probably even a few special outfits and toys. But when it comes to their safety, there may be one area that you never even considered that could bring harm to your pets—your lawn. Many DIY fertilizers feature a host of chemicals that can be bad news for your little Biscuit. Fortunately, there are effective ways to ensure a safer outdoor environment for your beloved pets by using organic fertilizer instead. Here are some ways to create a pet-friendly lawn using organic fertilizer on your Westchester County, NY, property.

Mowed Grass Clippings

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Lawn with Organic Fertilizer in Westchester County, NY

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Lawn with Organic Fertilizer in Westchester County, NY

Surprise: One of Mother Nature’s favorite organic fertilizers is none other than those pesky grass clippings many homeowners readily throw away. Full of grass seeds, nitrogen, and no chemical additives, your grass clippings release all the good stuff as they decompose and leave you with a lush lawn. Using grass clippings as organic fertilizer is a great option for you and your pets.


Nature’s waste products can make for excellent fertilizers that are free of the worry that comes with chemicals. There are commercially produced pet-safe manure’s available for those who are open to this option.

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Fish Emulsion

Another nitrogen-rich organic option is to use fish emulsion as a part of your lawn care routine. This dog-safe formula is considered to be very effective, but could cause your lawn to suffer from burn spots if it is improperly applied.

Liquid Potash

Full of potassium, potash offers a great natural addition to your organic home fertilization plan. Your home lawn care expert can mix potash in with bone meal and other organic fertilizers for a harm-free way to a great looking lawn.

Meal Fertilizer

This slow-release fertilizer formula comes in options such as cornmeal, cottonseed, and blood meal, and offers an organic way to add nutrients to your lawn. Because this type of organic fertilizer involves slow-release formulas, your landscape could benefit from long-term fertilization, all without worrying about harming your furry friends.

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Organic Fertilizers

Grass clippings and decomposing matter may not sound appealing to every homeowner when it comes to fertilizing their yard. Luckily, there are a number of EPA-friendly commercial grade organic fertilizers available for your home lawn care specialist to apply as part of your lawn maintenance plan. Available in granular and liquid form, these fertilizers offer the best of both worlds in convenience and care, so your yard will always look its best, without having to use harmful chemicals.

Organic fertilizers are considered a safe alternative to providing soil with the nutrients needed to grow healthy grass and plants. The overuse of chemical fertilizers, on the other hand, can cause a problem with the pH balance needed for healthy soil and can lead to unwanted pests.

It’s wise to share any concerns you have about your pets and fertilizing with your lawn care company—organic fertilizer that is nontoxic to animals and that will help your grass thrive could be a win-win for the living things on your property. Organic fertilizers have proven to be a natural, sustainable way to keep lawns healthy by improving the consistency of the soil.