Why Fertilization Should Be Included in Your Putnam County, NY, Commercial Maintenance

When you care enough about how your commercial building to invest in regular lawn maintenance and mowing, don’t forget to include fertilization in your commercial maintenance schedule for your Putnam County, NY, location. Here are the reasons why regular fertilizing is critical to the health of your commercial turf.

Appearance Matters

Why Fertilization Should Be Included in Your Putnam County, NY, Commercial Maintenance

When the grass surrounding your commercial building is lush and green, it shows potential tenants, visitors, and the businesses that are adjacent to yours that you care about the quality of your structures and grounds. Healthy turf not only beautifies your location, but it absorbs rainwater better, reduces run-off, and minimizes erosion of the soil. Whether you like it or not, most visitors will transfer their opinion of the appearance of your building’s exterior to the reputation of your business, and their first impression matters.

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It Repairs Grass Deficiencies

Fertilizer is composed of many different types of nutrients required for normal grass growth and development. Some of the nutrients are needed in larger amounts than others, specifically nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. When the blade of the grass turns yellow or pale red, when the blades thin, or when the grass stops growing, there is likely a deficiency that is causing your commercial turf to be more susceptible to disease.

When to Apply Fertilizer

Timing the fertilizer application correctly is as important as the correct ratio of nutrients.  Ideally, the fertilizer should be spread in multiple applications over the growing season, typically in late spring, late summer, and late fall. Grass that sees higher traffic and overall use often requires more fertilizer than low traffic turf.

Fertilization Conditions

Each growing season is different from the previous one, and smart commercial maintenance services evaluate and alter the treatments based on how much rain and variance in temperature there has been. If the weather has been hot and dry, grass may need less fertilizer because the growth has slowed.  

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Too Much Fertilizer Can Be as Bad as Not Enough

Fertilizer can be a double-edged sword. Insufficient fertilization can slow grass growth and allow disease to settle in, but too much fertilizer can burn the grass and harm the environment from the run-off that finds its way into the municipal water sources. With commercial maintenance services, there is no need to worry about these ratios—the calculations are taken care of for you and your commercial landscape gets exactly what it needs to thrive.

The goal of lawn fertilization is to produce a turf that is attractive for your visitors and that complements your business image. As one of the most basic components of lawn care management, fertilizer enriches the color, density, and consistency of your grass. A healthy lawn can withstand disease and insects much better.

An expert landscape company can attend to any fertilization that your Putnam County, NY, commercial property needs to keep it looking its best. With a six-step program of pre-emergent weed killer for broadleaf weeds, weed and feed for dandelions and crabgrass, grub control, July fertilizer and organic fertilizer, September fertilizer and weed control, and a final application in November for winterizing, a lawn care professional can do it all for your commercial property.