Landscaping for the Five Senses in Wappingers Falls, NY

A surefire way to fully enjoy the priceless Wappingers Falls, NY, summer is to have an outdoor space that makes you feel good. By engaging the senses, Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping can create an outdoor space for you that is both functional and enticing. By paying special attention to the five senses, your property will be transformed from a yard into a multi-sensory experience.

For the Eyes

Landscaping for the Five Senses in Wappingers Falls, NY

A great outdoor space simultaneously describes the property owner, draws people in, and
welcomes visitors. A property must be visually stimulating; it should have curb appeal in order to draw in its visitors. A combination of a vividly green lawn, vibrant blooms of flowers, artfully-crafted shrubbery, and the careful placement of trees and walkways, for example, draw one into an outdoor space. Perhaps, just as important as what we see, is what we don’t see. Unsightly walls or roads can be hidden from view with the right landscaping features. The Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping team will conscientiously blend the existing features of the property: home, views, pool, existing walls, and with careful attention to detail, create a space that keeps guests guessing as to what they might see next. The visually enticing landscape satisfies both the eyes and the imagination.

For the Nose

Give visitors an excuse to stop and smell the roses! Consider having a landscaper plant an array of scented blooms. Strategically placed scented flowers and trees create a smorgasbord of olfactory experience. Particular scents can be placed around a seating arrangement or where a person might otherwise stop and enjoy a view. Herbs can add interesting contrast to the sweeter smell of flowers, and can be used in specialty drinks or cooking, as well. Consider what scents you find most appealing and share this information with your landscaper; there is nothing quite like arriving home to the sweet smell of your favorite blossoming flower in the air.

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For the Tastebuds

Herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees can be both visually pleasing, and functional. For example, raspberry and blueberry bushes add both a hint of color and provide a tasty, sun-ripened treat. Fresh herbs can be collected all summer long, for a welcome excuse to enjoy your beautiful yard, and to make dinner just that much more delicious.

For the Ears

There are many soothing sounds that can be implemented in the landscaped yard. For those who enjoy birdsong, consider having Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping plant specific native trees and shrubs to attract particular bird species. For those who seek the tranquil trickling of water, a water feature, such as a fountain, can be tucked in with the flowers, or be placed as a prominent focal point. To capture the sound of the breeze, your landscaping team might implement wind sculptures or tall grasses for that soothing, rustling sound. For those looking to obscure unwanted sounds, such as the sound of cars, a natural wall made of trees or large shrubs can reduce unwanted sounds significantly.

For the feet, hands, and skin

The landscaped yard should welcome a bit of bare skin! Whether one is walking barefoot on the grass and warm stones, or just soaking up vitamin D on the arms and shoulders, an outdoor space should have ample seating, places to soak up the sun, and places to get some shade. It is important that the landscaping team know how you hope to enjoy the yard, in order to ensure that it is used often and fully.