Why Signing Up for Commercial Snow Management Service Is a Must for Your Westchester County, NY, Business

These hot summer temperatures may not have you thinking about winter, but now is actually an opportune time to plan for snow removal for your Westchester County, NY, business. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. is committed to providing outstanding commercial snow management services in Westchester County and surrounding areas. From office buildings to industrial complexes, we provide superior commercial snow management.

Commercial Snow Management Services 

It’s important to plan ahead for commercial snow management. The safety of your employees and customers, as well as the productivity of your business, depend on snow management services that you can depend on no matter what Mother Nature dumps on us this winter.

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Another reason to set yourself up for the proper care of your snow management needs is the risk of not getting who you want to help your business. Improperly cleared snow and ice can result in property damage or even injuries to an employee or customer. Protect yourself and your business from lawsuits by using an insured and licensed snow removal company. If an accident does occur on your property in the wintertime, your contractor will be able to verify that the property was properly cleared.

Why Signing Up Now for Commercial Snow Management Service Is a Must for Your Westchester County, NY, Business  

It’s also important to hire a professional snow management company to ensure uninterrupted access to your commercial property. If driveways and parking lots are not cleared in a timely manner, deliveries and customers may not be able to reach your business. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. has a full fleet of snow removal vehicles to make sure each of our client’s needs are met.

Salt Tracking System

When your business operates in an area that receives significant amounts ice and snow in the winter, the safety of your customers may depend on salt to keep parking lots and walkways clear. In order to maintain optimal salt usage for each property, Lehigh uses a state-of-the-art salt tracking system.

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A salt tracking system enables us to efficiently monitor salt usage on all our commercial properties. And the fully automated system tracks salt usage in real time, sending the information directly to an online system. This eliminates delays as well as the possibility of human error or missed data. Salt tracking means we know exactly how much salt each property requires, allowing us to reduce costs while increasing safety for your customers.

GPS Equipped Vehicles

All of our vehicles feature a GPS tracking system, adding to the increased efficiency and productivity we offer. Tracking when vehicles arrive and leave a job site allows us to monitor workflow and send additional crews to assist when necessary. It also means we can accurately predict when a snow removal crew will arrive at your site.

High-Performance Deicing Agents

It takes a lot of salt to melt ice over a large area such as a parking lot. High-performance deicing agents help reduce environmental impact and improve melting speeds. A deicing agent helps stop snow and ice from bonding to surfaces, reducing salt usage and accelerating melting rates. With correct use, deicing agents can also reduce vehicle corrosion and plant damage.

Live Web Cam Access

We also offer live web cam access of your facility. Knowing if your property is clear before you arrive can save you time and money. And monitoring the state of your property in severe weather can provide peace of mind.

Reserve Your Spot Before the Snow Comes

Contact Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. now to book your commercial snow management services before the snow falls and you’re left scrambling for a solution. Commercial snow removal services book up quickly, and early planning will ensure you’re ready for the snow whenever it arrives.